Zamora the Torture King

NOTE: Performances are now at 9pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is a little known fact that Zamora the Torture King has a resident show in Las Vegas. If you are not familiar with Zamora (Tim Cridland), he is a pain-proof performer and a sideshow icon. He toured with the Jim Rose Circus in the 90’s and has been featured on Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

The Show:

His show starts with some background about himself and sideshow. Then his first bit is a mentalism audience interaction stunt featuring a board with plastic cups hiding a long nail that he will ultimately slam his hand  onto. Think of it as a three card monty game where he puts his hand on the line. The stakes only go up from there.

He is a very talented sideshow performer; versed in  glass walking, bed of nails/glass/swords, glass eating, fire eating, sword swallowing, electric stunts and the ‘internal floss’ act. For the internal floss,  he swallows surgical thread an pulls it out … somewhere else. His signature act is his human pincushion stunt, but instead of barely scratching the surface like many performers, he puts skewers solidly through his tongue and bicep.

The showroom is not conducive to fire performance, but when weather and schedule allow, he can take the show outside to show off his amazing fire-eating and vapor tricks.

His acts are not for the squeamish. However, if you  enjoy sideshow and pain-proof stunts, his performance in this intimate showroom is an incredible experience. He walks into the audience for a few of the feats, so you can get a closeup view.

Note: I list this show as family friendly (and I have seen teens at the show with their parents).  The show does not set an age restriction. Many of the acts are intense but there is no nudity and I don’t recall any profanity.


The show is in the  small Majestik Theatre on the second floor of the Royal Resort, just off the Strip at 99 Convention Center Drive.
Performances are at 9pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Reduced $10 and even comp tickets are available from Goldstar

Here is the description from Goldstar:

You’ve seen it on TV; now you can see it live in Las Vegas. “Zamora’s Vegas Sideshow” is a live exhibition of unforgettable human stunts, featuring feats inspired by old-time sideshows, martial arts, yoga, Middle Eastern disciplines and biological anomalies. The stunts are real, dangerous and sometimes shocking, but presented in a fun and entertaining style. Prepare to be amazed from the moment the lights go up on this show at Royal Resort Hotel.