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COVID Precautions: Caesars vs MGM

I was in Las Vegas last weekend and was surprised by the drastic differences between how the 2 companies approached the COVID precautions. Both companies advertise social distancing, reduced capacity at table games and slot machines as well as mask requirements. The approach each company takes on the casino floor is very different.

MGM properties have every other slot machine turned off or disabled. At table games, they have plexiglas dividers between each player space as well as between the players and the dealer. They have similar plexiglas barriers in the poker room. I still felt the poker room was too crowded.

View of tables games at the Bellagio with Plexiglas separating each player spot.
It may be difficult to see in the photo, but there is Plexiglas between each of the available player positions as well as between the dealer and the players at the Bellagio. Also true for other MGM properties.

Caesars on the other hand has every slot machine on. They are expecting players to not use a machine next to another player, but they are not being proactive. I saw multiple instances of players playing and sitting next to each other, so that isn’t working. Caesars doesn’t have barriers at tables or in the poker room, either. They have removed seats to limit the number of players at each game. Caesars seems to be taking a more staff oriented approach. They have dealers wearing plastic face shields in addition to masks, but there is nothing separating players..

An empty table game at Caesars Palace. Limited chairs, but no barriers in place.
An empty table game at Caesars Palace. Limited chairs, but no barriers in place.

MGM has also installed hand washing stations around the casinos and has stands with free disposable masks and hand sanitizer near the entrances. I saw hand sanitizer available at Caesars properties, but not to the same extent as the MGM properties.

COVID safety kit in Bellagio rooms with hand sanitizer, touchless door opener tool and reuseable masks.

Check in lines and hotel lobbies were also very different. The Bellagio had a lot of space available to keep distanced while in the check in line. MGM Grand also had a lot of space. Neither place was crowded when I visited. The Flamingo check in line was a mess. They did create some space to keep the waiting line away from the check in counter, but the line continued across the lobby and down the hallway. People in line were much closer than 6 feet. There were no markings to indicate where people should stand in the extended line. It was a hazardous situation. It also created a road block if you were trying to get from the casino to the Spa Tower.

We each have our own personal risk tolerances. The situations at Caesars Palace and the Flamingo made me very uncomfortable. I was happy that I was not staying at either place. It would have made for a very stressful trip for me. Unless things change, I cannot recommend staying or playing at a Caesars property in Las Vegas until things get better.

On the other hand, my stay at the Bellagio was really good and relatively comfortable given the situation. I would readily stay at the Bellagio or another MGM property during the pandemic if necessary.

The Most Important Nevada Gambling Laws to be Aware of Before Visiting Las Vegas

If you’re visiting Sin City for the first time, you’re sure to be excited and looking forward to the experience of a lifetime. With casino gambling likely to be top of your list of things to do, it’s worth considering some of the Nevada state laws, so you don’t get in any trouble.

Gambling has been legal in Nevada since 1931, but there are some restrictions you must keep in mind. If you are interested in the legality of gambling in each state in the US, Todd Winkler of online-gambling put together a great list of which states offer which gaming options.

Gambling is for Over 21s Only

The most apparent and keenly observed law is that you must be over 21 years old to gamble in Las Vegas. In the UK, it is only 18, so if you’re arriving from there expecting to try your luck on the tables or slots machines, you’re going to be disappointed.

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Las Vegas Casino and Table Game Survey

While I write very little about actual gambling, there are a number of resources I use when choosing where to play. One of them is the Las Vegas Casino Survey.

What is the Las Vegas Casino Survey?

Every year, OUSC provides independent surveys that act as a directory for the best games and casinos in the city, and helps you make the right decision on where to go to find the games you want with the limits you want.

Las Vegas is known around the world as the mecca of gambling and provides the most extensive selection of games, highest/lowest odds/bet limits, the best rules, and just about every other variable you can imagine. That’s why I refer to the OUSC Las Vegas Casino Survey when I need to find a game that meets certain criteria (like a recent trip where a friend wanted to play $5 blackjack with reasonable rules).

What Information can readers find in the Las Vegas Casino Survey?

To help you find which Vegas casinos have your favorite game, the OUSC Las Vegas Survey provides you with two separate survey options:

Vegas Blackjack Survey

In this survey, OUSC divides the data into two broad categories to simplify the selection process, thus enabling you to find the exact set of blackjack rules and limits you prefer. With this information, you can easily find a casino that caters to your unique preferences within minutes without ever having to open up a guide book or break a sweat.

Table Games Survey

If blackjack isn’t your game, OUSC also provides a table games survey that contains 22 games you’ll find on Las Vegas casino floors. When visiting this survey, you will be able to search through all the classics such as craps, baccarat, and roulette, along with all the Las Vegas Casinos that provide the best rules and lowest bet limits for those types of games.

Where can I find the OUSC Las Vegas Casino Survey?

The OUSC Las Vegas Casino Survey has just been updated for 2019 and is available for free on their website right now. If you’re interested in enhancing your Las Vegas experience and want to ensure you have the best possible time when gambling on your vacation, we strongly recommend checking out this incredible tool.