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Hotel Check In Credit Card Holds

(updated Oct 28, 2023)
When you check in to a hotel, they usually ask you for a credit card to have on file for incidentals and as a security deposit.  When they do that, they pre-authorize the card for additional charges. The amount varies from hotel to hotel and is usually multiplied by the number of nights you are staying.

This has been standard practice for a long time, but I have heard multiple stories recently of people being caught off-guard by the pre-authorizations as well as not fully understanding what they are.  The pre-authorizations or “holds” are not charges. They simply reserve a certain dollar amount on your card so that it is available when you check out and pay your bill. It is similar to what gas stations do when you pay at the pump. The pre-authorization is not an actual charge, but it does reduce the amount of credit available on your card.  Continue reading Hotel Check In Credit Card Holds

Liberace Museum moving to Neonopolis

This is not a quick process, but steps are being taken to open a version of the Liberace Museum at the Neonopolis, on Fremont Street, by January, 2014. The original Liberace Museum had been located off-Strip on Tropicana and required a little effort to get to.  It had a long run, but closed in 2010. The new location in the Neonopolis, should make it much easier for tourists and it will have a logical tie-in to the new KRAVE Massive which is set to open at the Neonopolis in a few months and Krave’s Drink and Drag bowling alley which is already open at the Neonopolis. With a little more development the Neonopolis could become the epicenter of LGBT-friendly nightlife and attractions in Las Vegas.

For more information about the Liberace Museum and plans for the new Neonopolis location, visit the Las Vegas Weekly’s article.