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The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Players Club

This page is no longer up to date. It is here only for archival purposes. Please visit The Cosmopolitan’s New Identity Players Club page for the latest details.


Unlike most of the casino/hotel/resorts in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan is primarily focused on dining and nightlife. That is the image they created and that is what people go there for. The Identity players club reflects that focus. Just like Total Rewards, Mlife, Club Grazie and Backstage Pass, Identity gives you comps and/or tier points for purchases as well as gaming.

Earning Identity Points
$1.50 through a slot machine = 1 Identity Point
$7.50 through a video poker machine = 1 Identity Point
$20 table game bet = 1 Identity Point
$1 of lodging, dining or retail purchase = 5 Identity Points Continue reading The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Players Club

China Poblano: Misfiring on all cylinders

I had enjoyed dining at Jose Andres’ restaurants and expected to have a similar experience at the more casual China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Things started out OK, but that did not last long. We were seated and placed our food and drink orders quickly. Since we did order quickly, I made a point of telling our server that I was going to order another item once I had a chance to look at the menu further. The next time we saw her, we were finished with everything we had ordered. The menu stayed on the table for the duration of our meal.

They had a special mescal based drink menu, so we ordered drinks from that. I do not recall the drink names. Mine used mescal infused gin (or perhaps a gin infused mescal) and was OK – smokey, but not too smokey. It was served in a margarita glass. My wife’s drink was not drinkable. It was like licking an ashtray. The first sip was OK, but within five seconds a very bad aftertaste kicked in. It was reddish and served in a Collins glass.

The food arrived fairly quickly. The Happy Buddha Vegetable Spring Rolls were good and came with a basic soy/tahini dipping sauce. We used that dipping sauce on our papas fritas too, until a server took the sauce away without asking us if we were finished with it. The papas fritas reminded me of cheap New York street fries. The XO sauce was not bad, but it was far from the tangy, spicy XO sauce we had been expecting. This XO sauce was very fishy and limey, which is why we ended up using some of the spring roll’s sauce on the papas fritas. My wife really liked her Barbacoa taco, but the Pollo con Mole was poorly butchered and had a lot of gristle/cartilage. My scallop ceviche was acceptable, but not good (especially for the price).
Their prices have a distinct Vegas up-charge. My scallop ceviche was $12, but should have been about $9 for the 3 small, but well presented scallops. The tacos were $5.50 each and would have been better at $4.

At the end of the meal when someone (not our waitress) asked how our meal was and we described our disappointment in the Pollo taco, XO sauce, and my wife’s drink, our tastes were called into question. Evidently we did not understand what we were ordering. Up until that point I might have considered a second visit since some of the things we experienced could happen on any night, but when you experience them all on one night and then a staff member basically tells you that it is your fault that you did not enjoy the meal …
On the plus side, they did remove my wife’s drink from the bill.
After all of that, we still were open to giving them a chance to redeem themselves so when the server mentioned the Chocolate Terra Cotta Warrior, we decided to give it a shot. It was very good and very unique. I would consider visiting China Poblano again, but only to get the Chocolate Terra Cotta Warrior and only if I happened to be in the area. Diner beware.

Art-o-mat Machines at the Cosmopolitan

(updated June 4, 2015)
Here is another lesser known, but neat thing to check out while in Las Vegas.  The Art-o-mat machines located around the Cosmopolitan.  I have seen two   by the Wicked Spoon buffet on the 2nd floor. one on the 3rd floor by the sitting area at the top of the escalator (not far from the Secret Pizza place), one in the heavily trafficked area on the 2nd floor in front of Stitched and one on the ground level  by the Lucky Cat exhibit.

The Art-o-mat machines are reconditioned cigarette machines that now dispense art and jewelry in cigarette pack sized boxes for $5.  The inventory does rotate and everything appears to be handmade, so it is worth checking out on every trip as far as I am concerned.

Here are a few examples from a recent trip.  On the left is a hanging “mosaic whimsy” piece made by Janie Reavis-Cox from Stigler, Oklahoma.  On the right is a pair of earrings made by Crystal Ladd, who has additional pieces available at deflora.etsy.com.  We also found painted wood blocks, necklaces, and merit badges.

You can’t see the exact item you will get before you put your money in and pull the handle, but you can see a basic description.  Each item is only $5, so give it a shot.  It might just be the best gambling deal in Vegas.

To see a machine in action, check out this YouTube video.
Note that the machine in the video takes tokens and the machine that are at the Cosmopolitan have bill acceptors.

Secret, no name pizza at the Cosmopolitan

You may have heard the rumors about a secret, unmarked pizza place at the Cosmopolitan. Everything that you have heard is true, although when you get there you realize that they aren’t really trying to hide it or keep it a secret. It just doesn’t have a sign or a name.

It is located in the 3rd floor restaurant zone and is down the hallway immediately to the right of Blue Ribbon Sushi. They offer good, basic, readily foldable New York pizza by the slice for about $5.  You can also order a full pizza, but that takes a while. There are stools and a ledge that can accommodate half a dozen diners, so you are probably not going to be able to eat there. The Cosmopolitan has a lot of open space as well as a few very comfy sitting areas on the 3rd floor, so the lack of space at no-name pizza really isn’t a problem unless there is a long line to get into the Marquee nightclub (which is also on the 3rd floor). If you go on a club night, be prepared for long lines to get into no-name pizza, too. It does stay open late and is becoming the place to go after a night of partying at Marquee.