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Players Club Comps and Tier Advancement Cheat Sheet

Updated Sept. 29, 2016
This is a quick reference for how you can earn comps and get a higher level tier at some of the Las Vegas players clubs.

As you can see Total Rewards and Identity give you comps and let you get a higher tier by tracking everything.  Mlife and Club Grazie don’t give you comps for purchases and Backstage Pass won’t let you buy your way to a higher tier. Note that Mlife gives credit for lodging, dining and entertainment, but not retail purchases.

The earning rates for Club Grazie will vary with the game. The rates I used are a reasonable estimate.

For more details on accrual rates and Tier status, visit my posts for each Players Club.

Total Rewards

Backstage Pass
Club Grazie
Royal Rewards
Station Casinos Boarding Pass

Mlife program changes starting October 1

MGM Resorts is making some changes to the Mlife program starting October 1,  2012.
The 2 main changes to be aware of are:

  1. No more revolving tier expiration date.  Tier credits will reset on October 1st and tier status will expire October 1st of the year after you earn that tier (earning Gold status in January, 2013 should give you Gold status through October 1, 2014).  This is basically the same way Total Rewards handles tiers.
  2. Mlife now requires $3 per point for slot play instead of the $2 per point that it had been.  Points for video poker are unchanged at $10 per point.  Points for table games are still a bit of a secret although they did include a footnote to go to the Mlife desk for a ‘complete list of earning rates by game type’. As a side note, the new point earning rate is back to what it had been for the old MGM Players Club, before it was transformed into Mlife.

They have also taken the opportunity to do their own comparison of Mlife to Caesars’ Total Rewards, Wynn’s Red Card, Venetian’s Club Grazie and even Cosmopolitan’s Identity.

Here is the link to their announcement.


Total Rewards adds Visa-based text offers

Much like Mlife’s Visa based text offers, Total Rewards has started their own version of the promotion. Register your Visa card and they will send text message offers to your phone when you make a purchase at participating Total Rewards casinos.  To sweeten the deal, they are giving you 100 TR Reward Credits ($1.00 comp value) when you sign up as well as a chance to win $2500.

Use the following link to sign up or find out more about the offer.

Mlife Visa text message offers

Although MGM Resorts discontinued its branded credit card a few years ago, it has entered into a new partnership with Visa which will send you text message offers when you make a make a purchase at an MGM resort’s shop, purchase show tickets or make reservations at an MGM resort using your linked Visa card.

For more details visit: http://www.visa.com/mlife/

The Mlife/Top Guest program is still active as well.

Mlife Tier Credits for Non-Gaming Activities

When I originally posted about MGM Resorts’ Mlife program I mentioned that you could earn Tier Credits for retail, dining, entertainment and lodging expenses. I left out one detail though, because I hadn’t been able to verify it.  Now I can add it.
Your earn 25 Tier Credits for every dollar you spend on dining, entertainment, spa services and lodging when you track it with your Mlife card.  Please note that shopping purchases are no longer part of the program.  As a general rule though, if you can charge it to your room, you can get 25 Tier Credits per dollar for it.

If you never gamble, but want to get the perks associated with some of Mlife’s higher tiers, this is what it will cost:
Sapphire: $0 (everyone starts with this)
Pearl: $1000
Gold: $3000
Platinum: $8000
Noir: $40,000 (Note: Noir became a ‘by invitation only’ tier in 2013)

For more information on the benefits associated with each tier, visit the Mlife Tier Benefits page.