Secret Drink at Chandelier

I like the Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan.  Their cocktail program is a major part of that. They have one of my favorite specialty cocktails.  It isn’t on the menu, though, and it is only available on the middle level.  (2018 UPDATE: It is now available on all levels of Chandelier). It is the Verbena.  It is basically a high quality margarita made with tequila, Yuzu sour, ginger syrup, lemon verbena leaves, but it has a twist. That twist is the Szechuan button, also known as an ‘electric button’. It has a citrusy flavor but that flavor is quickly replaced by a tingling sensation. Chewing the Szechuan button releases a small amount of spilanthol, which is sometimes used as a local anesthetic.  It makes your mouth tingle and activates your salivary glands. It also changes the flavor of the drink. To get the full experience, take a few sips of your drink before eating the Szechuan button.

The Chandelier has other off-menu specialty drinks available from time to time. They are typically drinks that had been specialty cocktails in the past, but are no longer on the menu. The Verbena has been the only off-menu drink available for a while, though. I’m OK with that.

The Verbena at Chandlier
Chandelier’s Verbena with Szechuan Button on top