myVEGAS Rewards @HOME Rent Raffle & Gift Cards

Many people still aren’t comfortable heading to Las Vegas or other gaming destinations yet, so they don’t have a way to use their myVEGAS Loyalty Points for Rewards. MyVEGAS is giving you a few options with their myVEGAS Rewards @Home Fall Frenzy Giveaways, including a rent raffle which will cover your rent for a year.

There are two Reward options for this. One is a single entry for 1000LPs. The other is five entries for 5000Lps. Each of those are limited to 17 Rewards per account, so you can get a maximum of 102 entries for player. Entries must be received by November 4th and the winner will be contacted between November 5th and 8th.

That isn’t the only raffle, though. MyVEGAS is also aware that many people are staying home and watching streaming services, so they are running another raffle for a year’s “streaming service of your choice”, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc. The myVEGAS Rewards @Home Streaming Giveaway entry is 250LPs per Reward and entries must be received by October 26th.

They also have a very limited number of gift certificates available for Amazon, DoorDash, and UberEats, I almost didn’t mention them since I have only seem them listed as sold out. If you happen to be on when they Rewards are refreshed, it could be a convenient way to use some of those LPs you’ve been amassing if you have continued to play myVEGAS Slots during the pandemic.

If you are interested in getting a myVEGAS hat or shirt, they also have those available for 70,000LPs each including shipping within the US and Canada. There is an additional raffle for a swag bag with a hat, shirt and mug. If you have a lot of LPs you can also enter the myVEGAS luxeSWAG Giveaway for 1000LPs. It includes a myVEGAS jacket, travel bag and iPad. There is no information on what model iPad.

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  1. Hello, sorry if this is not the best place for these questions but I am finding it hard to get definitive information on reward rules. Would you be able to tell Me if I am able to do any of the following scenario’s?

    1. Book more the one comp hotel stay within 1 week of each other? 2 night comp and then pay for 5 nights and then another 2 night comp stay.

    2. Can you use F&B credit with a comp room? If not can I use It if I comp a room and then pay for a extra night Will it be available on the paid night?

    3. Could I book a room using the 25% discount and then use the F&B credit as well.

    Thankyou in advance.

    1. Hi.

      Scenario 1 is possible but requires a lot of work and uncertainty. I believe you currently need at least 3 days between using comps/offers, so technically, the 2 night comp, 5 paid (not using any room offer), and 2 nights comp is possible. MyVegas won’t allow you to get the second Comp Room Reward until after you have used the first one (that means after you have checked in to the hotel using the first Reward). You would need to be able to get the second Comp Room Reward after that which could be very difficult. Also, the second Comp Room Reward would need to be for a different hotel or under a different account since you can only get one of each Comp Room Rewards per account.

      Scenario 2&3: How are you getting the F&B comp? As long as it is not tied to an Mlife room offer, you should be able to use it.

      Take Care,

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