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I’ve been playing and writing about myVEGAS since it started. It has evolved a lot over the years. While I have discussed many aspects of it, some of that info is only in the comments or is spread across multiple posts.  This is my attempt at sharing as much as possible in one post (with links to  a few existing posts with more detail).

What is myVEGAS?

myVEGAS is a family of games produced by PLAYSTUDIOS.   The games currently include myVEGAS and myKonamiSlots on Facebook as well as myVEGAS Slots, MyKonamiSlots, PopSlots and myVEGAS Blackjack for Android and iOS devices. All of these games are linked through Facebook and you need a Facebook account in order to earn Rewards.

What’s all the fuss about?

myVEGAS has partnered with many companies (especially MGM Resorts) to provide free Rewards which you can earn by playing the game. As you play, you earn Loyalty Points (LPs) which can be redeemed for these real-world rewards.

What kind of Rewards can I get?

It would fill this page to list them all.   This is a general list:

  • Comped and Discounted Rooms (I keep a page of Reward Room Availability Calendars updated here)
  • Free and Discounted Show tickets
  • Comped and Discounted cruises
  • Free and 2-for-1 buffets
  • Free appetizers and BOGO entrees at restaurants
  • Bar and Dining credits
  • Free drinks
  • Nightclub passes
  • FreePlay and MatchPlay
  • Discounted and Comp Tours
  • BOGO Monorail passes
  • Onboard Cruise Credits
  • Free Art Gallery admission
  • Exhibit discounts
  • Spa discounts
  • Slot Tournament entries
  • Free Concert and Sporting Event tickets
  • Golf discounts

I suggest browsing through the Rewards tab of the Facebook game or app to get an ever better feel for what it available. Some of the more valuable Rewards are unlocked when you achieve a higher level in the game or have purchased chips.

Where can I use those Rewards?

Current partners include:

  • All MGM Resorts
  • Las Vegas Monorail
  • Vegas based Wolfgang Puck restaurants
  •  House of Blues (multiple locations)
  • The Smith Center
  • HEXX Kitchen
  • Maverick helicopter tours
  • Gray Line tours
  • Uniquely Vegas (offering Mob Museum, Madame Tussauds, Segway Tours and Pole Position  discounts)
  • Royal Caribbean cruises
  • MSC cruises
  • Uniquely Australia
  • Uniquely California
  • Uniquely Asia
  • TopGolf
  • and a few international casinos.

They also include intermittent partners like the Las Vegas Aces WNBA team (during their season)  and some special events.

Does it cost anything to play?

No. You can earn many of the Rewards without spending anything. Buying chips can help you earn more Rewards faster, though. I went years before buying any chips. I used dozens of Rewards for free rooms and shows as well as dining and Monorail discounts during that time.  Thanks to a long gone partnership with Fandango,  I even saw a few free movies.

This sounds too good to be true!

Well, in the beginning it was a great deal for the players. Playstudios and MGM soon figured that out and started making adjustments. When it started, there were no limits on the number of Rewards you could use during a trip. I think I used 8 during one trip and heard tales of people using even more. Booking multiple comped rooms back to back was very popular.

MGM learned from this and made multiple adjustments over the years. Now, you are limited to using 3 MGM/Mlife partnered Rewards in a rolling 30 day period  and are only allowed to have one Comp Room Reward at a time.  That means that if you use your LPs to buy a Comp Room Reward you will not be able to buy another Comp Room Reward until you have used that Reward or have canceled it.

That does take some of the original value away from the game, but it is still a good deal. That 3 in 30 limitation only applies to MGM Resorts Rewards. Other partners have their own agreements. It is helpful to have a good grasp of casino brands in order to keep track of what counts towards which limit. I cover those limits as well as the Reward redemption process in my  myVEGAS Reward redemption processes post.

If you want/need more than 3 MGM Rewards for your trip, you can try buying chips. myVEGAS does not publish an official policy about this, but practice has shown that buying enough chips will get your limit increased to 4 or 5 MGM Rewards per 30 day cycle.

I bought 3 MGM Rewards, but my trip is a few months away. That means I can get more next month to use during my trip, right?

Wrong.  Even though you used your LPs to get the Reward and have already redeemed the Reward for you room or show tickets (things that need to be booked before you get to Las Vegas), the system doesn’t consider you to be using the Reward until you actually stay in that comped/discounted room or see that show.  This is especially important to know when using Comp Room Rewards since once you get a  Comp Room Reward, the system will not let you get another Comp Room Reward (even from another hotel) until you have actually stayed at the hotel using the Reward or have canceled the Reward.

Most Rewards need to be used within 30, 60 or 90 days of buying them. Others have a fixed expiration date. You will find those details in the fine print for each Reward. Keep those expiration dates in mind when buying Rewards for a distant trip. When it comes to shows and rooms, that expiration date is the date you need to buy your ticket or make your reservation by. Your actual hotel stay can be any date that is available on the availability calendar for that specific Reward.

The system is letting me buy more than 3 Rewards. Does that mean I can use them all in the same trip?

Probably not. The system will allow to buy as many Rewards as you have the LPs to acquire. That still doesn’t mean you can use them all.  It has become common practice for me and many other players to buy more Rewards than we can use during the trip. We use the ones that end up fitting our needs best during the trip and cancel ones we can’t use.

Do all of the apps have the same Rewards?

Yes, with one exception. The myKonamiSlots app also has a special $25 myKonami FreePlay Reward which you can only find in that app. They are still specific to each casino and are listed under the casino you will need to use it in. The myKonami Freeplay is notable in that it does not require a stay at that hotel to use it.

Anything else I should know?

Here is a quick hit-list:

  • You need an Mlife account in order to redeem your MGM based Rewards.
  • Make sure to check the fine print when buying a Reward.
  • Comp Room Rewards still have a Resort Fee (that fee is not comped)
  • Discounted Room Rate Rewards can be used for multiple nights.
  • Buying and booking your show tickets early gives you the best seat selection – don’t wait if you know you want to go to that show.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just the MGM/Mlife based Rewards.
  • Check for non-Vegas Rewards, too. myVEGAS is continually expanding its partnerships outside of Las Vegas.


15 thoughts on “myVEGAS Overview”

  1. I really enjoy the useful information and frequent updates you provide on your website. Thanks for the work.
    The 3 limit use (now on premium rewards only) in 30 days on MyVegas was very interesting.
    I have a question related to that limit:
    Let’s say you use lp to get a free show ticket which is a premium reward, and then use 3 premium rewards before the show date. With the ticket in hand printed at home, how would they keep you from using the ticket at the show?
    Additionally, if you had three people that wanted to attend a show, could you use lp to get one free ticket and another reward to get 2 for 1 tickets?
    Thanks again

  2. I have redeem a MGM buffet by FEB 6, 2019, is that means I need to go there by that day (FEB 6, 2019) or I can go there on/ before FEB 6, 2019 to redeem this buffet. Thanks!

    1. That means that you can go there anytime between now and February 6th (including February 6th) to eat your free buffet. There are probably blackout dates (dates where the Reward will not be honored) during that time period, so check the fine print.

  3. If I’m staying at “Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas”, would I be able to redeem the Freeplay for Aria? Or do I actually have to stay at Aria?

    1. I would not count on it, but I have heard from others that they have been able to use the Aria Freeplay Reward while staying at Vdara. I haven’t been able to test it myself since I had assumed it was not an option and only heard about people using it after my last stay at Vdara.
      If you have enough LP’s I’d suggest getting the Reward. If they don’t allow it, cancel it and get your LP’s back. If they do allow it, great!

      1. I’ve noticed that I have very few rewards available compared to my friends even though I have similar levels and points. No comped rooms or Buffets appear anywhere. I have not purchased chips but neither have they. Is there anything I can do to increase availability before my trip? Thank you.

          1. I feel like there may have been more available when I first logged in but cant say for sure. I understand some items may not be available for all users but I have essentially nothing of value on offer and thousands of lps queued up. It’s a shame.

          2. I feel like initially there were but I’m not sure. It’s a shame as I have nothing of value on offer and a bunch of lps to use for my trip!

  4. Can I buy a discounted rate reward and a comp room and use them both in the same trip? I already have a comp night at NYNY on 10/6 but want to buy the discounted room rate for 10/5.

    1. Yes. You can combine a comp and discount Reward. You can also use a single discount Reward for multiple nights.

    1. Absolutely! You can book it for ANY available date on that Reward’s calendar.

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