myVEGAS adds new Blackjack mobile game

myVEGAS_BJ_nowavailablemyVEGAS now has a mobile blackjack game. It is a standalone app (not just a new game in the existing myVEGAS app), but you can sync it with your existing myVEGAS account to sync Loyalty Points. Your myVEGAS Slots chip total and myVEGAS Blackjack chip total are independent of each other. The new app has its own daily spin and 4 hour bonus chip collection. The game has its own myStrip with new challenges, too.

They did a great job with this app. Game play is very fast and smooth. It offers casual, fast and turbo speeds. The turbo is almost too fast on my phone. The game starts you out with single deck, single spot blackjack. As you level up, additional spots and games are available, including a multi-deck with a side bet for a progressive jackpot, and a FreeBet version.

Since the app links to your existing myVEGAS account, you can purchase Rewards and see your purchased Rewards in your Wallet.

The Android version is available through Google Play. The iOS version is available on iTunes. You can find out more on the myVEGAS Blackjack website or the myVEGAS Blackjack Facebook page.

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  1. You should allow my vegas black jack and my vegas slots to link so you can transfer chips from one game to another

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