Monta Japanese Noodle House

If you are looking for great ramen noodles and are willing to venture a short distance from the Strip, you need to visit Monta Japanese Noodle House.  It was recommended to me by a few chefs and a few foodies.  I’m glad they did.

Monta has a very limited menu, but that lets them focus on great noodles in a soupy broth.  This is not the same kind of ramen that you remember from college or can find in mainstream grocery stores.  These are quality noodles with flavorful broths.  The options are Tonkotsu Ramen (in a thick, pork bone broth), Shoyu Ramen (in a vegetable broth with soy sauce), Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen (in a miso/fish broth).  You can add toppings like Nitamago (hard boiled egg), pork and Kimchi as well.  They have a few rice options, but you really want to stick with the noodles.

They have room for about 30 people sitting at a few tables or the bar and they don’t take reservations.  They don’t have a full-time hostess either so make sure to sign in when you get there if there isn’t a table readily available.

Monta is open 11:30am-11pm Sunday – Thursday and 11:30am-1am Friday & Saturday.
It is located 2 miles West of the Strip at 5030 Spring Mountain Rd in a small shopping center.  Parking is readily available.  You can also get there from the Strip by catching the 203 bus West to the Decatur stop.

If you want to see some pictures of the restaurant and their food, check out John Curtas’ Eating Las Vegas blog post.