MGM Resorts’ Mlife Players Club

The former MGM Players Club became Mlife in 2011.
It was a big departure from the former, non-tiered system, but it made it more accessible to the average visitor… kind of.

Mlife covers the MGM Resorts International properties – MGM Grand, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, New York-New York,   Park MGM, Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, The Signature at MGM Grand, Delano Las Vegas  and a few casinos outside Las Vegas. 

Tiers and Tier Credits.

Similar to Caesars Entertainment’s Caesars Rewards system, Mlife uses Tier Credits to calculate your status.

  • Sapphire is the basic tier that everyone starts with.
  • Pearl is the next tier up and requires 25,000 Tier Credits earned between October 1st and September 30th of the following year.
  • Gold requires 75,000 Tier Credits.
  • Platinum requires 200,000 Tier Credits.
  • NOIR is by invitation only and requires at least 1,000,000 Tier Credits.

Tier Credits reset to zero on October 1st, but the tier you achieved in that year is good for another full year. For example, if you earn 75,000 Tier Credits between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017, you will have Gold status through September 30, 2018.

Calculating Tier Credits for slot and video poker play is easy.
$1 through a slot machine = 3.33 Tier Credits 
$1 through a video poker machine = 1 Tier Credit
You earn Tier Credits for table games, too. The number of credits will vary with the game, your average bet and the duration of your play. Betting $25/hand for an hour of blackjack will earn 550 Tier Credits. You will earn tier credits faster when playing roulette and carnival games (like 3-Card Poker). MGM properties used to require a minimum bet of $25 per hand in order to track or rate your play. MGM Grand is now tracking all play (verified March 2016). When in doubt, ask the dealer or the pit boss.
When you have Pearl status or higher, you earn credits at an accelerated rate. 

Joining in on the recent trend of rewarding you for non-gaming activities, Mlife also lets your earn 25 Tier Credits per dollar spent on dining, lodging and entertainment. Aside from retail purchases, if you can charge it to your room, you should be able to get Tier Credits for it.
Remember, Tier Credits are only used to keep track of your Tier.

Beware that Tier Credits accrue at a lower rate at non-Las Vegas based MGM properties. You only earn 8 Tier Credits per dollar spent at MGM Grand Detroit, Beau Rivage and  Gold Strike Tunica. The Tier Credits earned from gambling at those casinos is lower, too.  For my calculations, I am only focusing on the Las Vegas casinos.

Here is a quick breakdown of how much it takes to reach each tier.


Tier Credits



Pearl 25,000 $7,500 $25,000 $1,000
Gold 75,000 $22,500 $75,000 $3,000
Platinum 200,000 $60,000 $200,000 $8,000
Noir 1,000,000 $300,000 $1,000,000 $40,000

Mlife benefits vary with your tier status.

  • Sapphire status gives you a 5% discount at some retail outlets and a discount at the onsite Avis car rental.
  • Pearl status lets you use the VIP line at the buffet, upgraded show seating, 10% retail discount and a 10% bonus on Points earning .
  • Gold adds the use of the VIP line at the cafe, room upgrades, priority check in, 10% retail discount, 20% bonus on Points earning and special access the casinos’ nightclubs.
  • Platinum gives you priority access to just about everything as well as a 15% retail discount and a 30% bonus on Points earning.
  • NOIR adds guaranteed room and dining reservations, 15% retail discount and a 40% bonus on Points earning. Those benefits are in addition to the offers that the casino sends based upon your gambling daily average.
Points and Comps.

Points are how Mlife keeps track of your actual comps.

  • $10 through a video poker machine = 1 Point
  • $3 through a slot machine = 1 Point (effective October 1, 2012)
  • You do not earn Points for table games, but you do earn comps based upon the game, average bet and duration.

Comps are divided into Express Comps and Primary Comps.
You get $0.01 in Express Comps for every Point you earn on slot and video poker machines. Express Comps for table games are based on your length of play, average bet, and game type. While it is fairly easy to track your Express Comps, Primary Comps are still a trade secret. They accrue based upon your rated play at table games and slot machines but you need to go to the Mlife desk to see how much you have. They can then credit those Primary Comps to your room.
You can use your Express Comps to cover lodging, dining and entertainment costs. Look for an “Express Comps Accepted Here “ sign to find participating outlets or apply them to your room charges.

You also receive $0.01 in POINTSPlay for every point you earn on slot and video poker machines.  You can load POINTSPlay into a machine and play with points instead of cash.  If you don’t want to play those points, you have the option to convert the POINTSPlay amount into Express Comps.

Express Comps, Points and  FreePlay expire after 6 months of inactivity for Sapphire players. Pearl tier and above are given a full year before that happens.

For more information on the Mlife system, visit

27 thoughts on “MGM Resorts’ Mlife Players Club”

  1. Thank you for the article. Question about playing in Detroit. The Mlife website says you earn 10 tier credits per base point in Vegas, but only 1 in Detroit. Would that mean that you would need to multiply coin in by 10 times if playing in Detroit? For example, would your slot coin in really need to be $75,000 instead of $7,500 to reach pearl status, or am I understanding this wrong. Your help is much appreciated!

    1. You are reading it correctly. Although your comps should accrue at the same rate, it takes a lot more action to increase your tier score in Detroit and the Gulf Coast. Tier credits earned through dining, lodging and entertainment also accrue at a lower rate in Detroit and the Gulf Coast (8 Tier Credits per dollar instead of 25 per dollar). The calculations in my post are for MGM’s Las Vegas properties. Since you asked about it, I am updating my post so that it mentions the difference at MGM Grand Detroit, Beau Rivage and Gold Strike Tunica, although I’m not including a lot of detail since I think it might make it more confusing.

  2. Hi I saw online that pearl members get reserved seating for arena events how do I look into these tickets?

    1. You need to contact the box office. They can give you the details and book your seats.
      I don’t have the direct number, but you can call the main MGM Grand number 877-880-0880 and they can transfer you.

  3. damnit, just got back from vegas. had trouble getting into the clubs i wanted. turns out my aunt who booked me rooms is a noir member and is not familiar with the benefits it brings. would i be able to by pass line and get into any mlife casino club if my aunt displayed her noir card to the door men?

    1. That might work, but they may expect your aunt to go in with you if you do it that way.
      A better option would be for both of you to go to the club’s host stand (where they take table reservations and give out passes) during the day, show them her card and have them put you on the list. Doing it that way will look a little cooler when you get to the club, too. Another option would be for both of you to go to VIP services / VIP check-in and they should be able to get you on the list.

      The benefit does not apply to all of the clubs at Mlife properties. It only applies to the Light Group clubs. You can find that list in my Nightlife & Dining perks for Mlife’s Higher Tiers post.

  4. Hello again, Mark. A quick question about the MyVegas loyalty point rewards: I have all the Bonus Date calendars pulled up and printed for all the properties up to September 2014 and would like to use my points for a consecutive two-night stay at one property. Do you know if two nights are allowed? Thanks.

    1. Two night stays are allowed. You can do up to 3 consecutive nights. Each night will need a separate myVEGAS Reward (i.e. 2 nights require 2 Rewards, 3 nights require 3 Rewards).

  5. I have been an MLife member since before they converted over; however, everything I’ve read here is so much more helpful and clearly stated for those of us who are novices to the workings of the rewards systems. Thanks for doing this. I will be back!

  6. Love the Blog! I have two questions I hope you can answer. I received a nice promo in the mail from the Mandalay Bay. I booked my upcoming Vegas trip through the Mlife VIP Desk. When I check in, do I check in with the Mlife VIP Desk first or the Hotel Front Desk? My rooms (2 nights) are comped and I have an suite upgrade (based on availability I’m told),plus $300.00 resort credit and $100.00 Freeplay. Also, through the Mlife Desk, are the show tickets usually discounted or do they just give you better upgrade seating?

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like my blog!
      Based on the info you gave, it sounds like you would want to use the VIP Check In counter at the front desk. It should be on the left side of the Mandalay Bay front desk. Any front desk agent should be able to get you checked in without a problem, though.
      VIP services can help get you nicer seats, but shows are not automatically discounted for Mlife members. You can use your comps to cover the cost.
      Have Fun!

  7. Hi, thank you for the fabulous info on the Mlife tier system and how we earn points and credits, as well as the difference between the two. Up until now I had not been able to figure it out or understand it when others tried to explain. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that $1 earns 25 Tier Credits as I will be getting married in Vegas next year and using my Mlife card as often as possible for the wedding expenses.
    I am wanting to purchase 20 premium tickets for Blue Man Group and have been in touch with someone regarding Group purchase discounts etc and am wondering if I purchase the tickets through the box office over the phone or on line, will I be able to get my tier credits for the purchase. I was told I may be able to if I request it when I pick up my tickets at the desk at Monte Carlo. Can you tell me if this is true or how I would go about getting the tier credits ? This would be a fairly large number of credits so don’t want to lose them just because I went about purchasing my tickets the wrong way.

    1. Hi Patricia!
      Thanks for the compliment!

      You should be able to give the sales rep your Mlife number when you purchase the tickets. If they are unable to do accommodate that, then make sure to go to the Mlife desk after you pick up the tickets to have them manually credit your account. You will need to show them the receipt for the tickets. It will take a little bit of time, but it is worth it for that amount of points.

      Take Care,

  8. I signed up for an M life membership online in preparation for my Vegas visit. How do I request a membership card? Do I just present my M Life number when I dine in M Life restaurants if I don’t have a card? Additionally, are Cosmopolitan, Crystals and Twist at Mandarin Oriental part of MGM? Am I eligible to earn M life points in those resorts?

    1. Hi Elizabeth.

      Thanks for asking.
      When you get to Las Vegas, go to the M life desk at any MGM Resort to get your players card. M life does not mail players cards.You will need you to show your drivers license or another official government ID in order to pick up your card.
      You will need to present that M life players card whenever you want to use it. Simply having the number is not enough.

      1. Thank you so much for all the great information! Very helpful indeed!

    1. Hi Derick.
      A rolling 12-month period means that points expire 12 months after you earn them and if that drops your tier points below that of your current tier, your tier level drops too.
      That caused a bit of confusion which is why mlife will be changing the system so that your tier credits reset every year on October 1st. Whatever tier you have on September 30 will be good through October 1 of the next year.
      You can find more info about the changes in my mlife program changes post.

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