M Resorts Free Buffet Promotion

M Resorts iMagine players club members can get a free Studio B Buffet by earning enough points in a single day. You get to keep your points, too. This is a great buffet and a great promotion. The points required vary by meal and by your game.

  • A free lunch buffet during the week requires 300 Points earned on a slot machine or 850 Points from video poker.
  • A free dinner buffet on Monday – Thursday requires 450 Points from slot play or 1300 Points from video poker.
  • The Friday – Sunday seafood buffet requires 700 Points from slots or 2,000 Points from video poker.

You earn 1 Point for every dollar through a slot or video poker machine. In the M Resorts’ iMagine you earn $1 in comps for every 333 points. This means that you can get a free lunch buffet for less play than it would require to get a $1 comp playing slots.

This promotion has been around for a long time and is ongoing.
For more information, visit the M Resorts promotions page.