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Interesting New myVEGAS Rewards

myVEGAS has added some interesting new Rewards which include discounted room rates and either $100 or $150 in FreePlay. They have also added a Reward for a discounted room rate and slot tournament at New York – New York.

The Room Rate & $100 FREEPLAY Reward are 20,000 LPs. The Room Rate & $150 FREEPLAY Reward are 25,000 LPs. Both options are available for Bellagio, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, and Park MGM. The availability/travel windows are small and it does not say how reduced the rates are. That’s a lot of FREEPLAY, though and takes relatively few LPs. The fine print also says these Rewards are “not subject to redemption restrictions”, which is a new concept.

The free slot tournament Reward is for New York – New York and gives you entry to the slot tournament and a $39/night room rate for 20,000 LPs. It is only good for April 21-23 (the days of the slot tournament).

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11 thoughts on “Interesting New myVEGAS Rewards”

  1. Is it possible to use a comp night reward or a discounted room rate + freeplay reward, and also comped nights from an Mlife offer on the same trip?

    1. If those are for consecutive days, you would not be able to use the myVEGAS comp and Mlife comp together. Combining an Mlife comp with a discounted room Reward in the same trip should be doable. I think you need to have at least 2 days between trips before you can use another comp or Mlife offer.

      1. Hi, Noob question –

        Would use of a myVegas comp and an Mlife comp on concurrent days (i.e. to get 2 rooms for the same 2 nights) also be denied?

        I have an mLife 2-night comp offer for Park MGM, and I have enough points for the myVegas 2-night comp offer for same.

  2. I purchased a 3 comp nights offer at Mirage for June w myvegas rewards points. Booking went thru. I got the receipt which shows the expected amount due at check-in and it’s just the resort fees. But when I look at my reservation in Mlife it shows the expected amount due at check-in to be way more. Is this normal?

    1. I was thrown by this, too, the first time it happened to me.
      Yes it is normal.
      It always makes me a little uneasy, but it is how they handle it. When you check in (online/mobile or in person) the promo/Reward will be applied.

      Take Care,

  3. Hi there! I was wondering how I can contact Mark directly for a question. Thanks,

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