Common myVEGAS Questions

These questions about myVEGAS Rewards keep popping up. Here are my responses.

Q: I made a reservation using a Comp Room Reward.  When I look at my reservation in Mlife it, shows the regular rates for each night instead of showing them as comped. Is this normal?

A: Yes. It is normal. It always makes me a little uneasy, but it is how they handle it. When you check in (online/mobile or in person) the promo/Reward will be applied. They may be doing this to make it easier to show when the Reward is actually used. Even though you have made your reservation with the Reward and it is no longer refundable, it isn’t considered to be used and counted towards the 3 in 30 limitation until you check in.

Q: I have enough points to do a 2 Night Comp and a 1 Night Comp. Am I able to do this for the same visit?

A: No. myVEGAS doesn’t even allow you to use your LPs to get another Comp Room Reward of any kind while you have one in your wallet or while you have used one for a future trip.

Q: I am going to Las Vegas in a few months and I saw that two of the 3 days I will be there are available for a Hotel Comp via myVEGAS loyalty points. If I wanted to book those rooms, can I use the reward now for that reservation, or do I have to wait the within 30 day period?

A: Book them as soon as you know what dates you want. The 30 day period means that you have 30 days from the time you get the Reward using your LPs until the time you have to make your reservation. The actual stay can be for any available date in the Availability Calendars.

Q: So some of the room rewards like MGM Signature One Night Sun- Thu said redeem by July 3. Does this mean I have to complete my stay by July 3 or only reserve the room by July 3?

A: This is the same thing as the reserve within 30 days question above. When you check the Reward, the “Redeem reward by” date is the date you need to book the room by. The actual stay can still be for any available date on the calendar during the travel window (typically the end of June or December since they are updated twice a year).

Q: I am planning a 3 night trip. Can I use a 2 Night Comp and add an extra night in the same reservation, or do I need to make a separate reservation for the additional night?

A: You can book additional nights in the same reservation as a Comped Room Rewards reservation. You will just have to pay the going rate for the non-comped nights. Just enter the nights you want when you make your reservation using your myVEGAS Reward and it will apply the comp where it can and show you the rates for the other nights.

I also suggest reading my myVEGAS Rewards Redemption Process and Getting More myVEGAS Rewards posts.

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  1. Hi Mark! Quick question regarding redeeming hotel stays on MyVegas. I had just redeemed a one-night at Mirage. The current pdf on MyVegas shows availability until end of May 2020. however, when i followed the redemption url, the calendar from Mirage cuts off on May 10,2020. There is no calendar past May 11,2020. Is this normal? Would I be able to contact Myvegas for a refund since I can’t book anything in the end of May? Or would the Myvegas customer support be able to issue a refund of the points? I think the next round of hotel availability will likely “add on” more dates in May… Was wondering what your experiences may have been. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      It isn’t unusual to limit the online bookings for 6 months out (so in theory, you should be able to see a few more days now). That is probably what is happening.

  2. Hi Mark, quick question for you. I had just made a 1-night reward purchase with the Mirage. The myvegas calendar published online shows availability until end of May-2020; however when I followed the redemption URL, there was only availability until May 10,2020. The calendar is cut off at May 10,2020. The date I wanted to book was after May 10,2020. Does this frequently happen? Would calling the customer service # allow them to book the date (even though it doesn’t show up in the URL?). I don’t think I could get a refund even right? Let me know what the best course of action might be. Thank you!

  3. Hi Mark, thanks for all the info!
    I’m heading to Vegas next month and already got my hotel, show and buffet booked or redeemed on Mlife. But I see the fine print now on their como buffets that you need a one night stay at MGM hotels to redeem, I’m staying at Park MGM through myVEGAS comp, would that count? Or they no longer let you combine como rewards. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      Your comped night at Park MGM does count as a stay for the buffet Reward. You should be good to go. Enjoy!

  4. I originally posted this in an old thread (MyVegas Overview).

    I really enjoy the useful information and frequent updates you provide on your website. Thanks for the work.
    The 3 limit use (now on premium rewards only) in 30 days on MyVegas was very interesting.
    I have a question related to that limit:
    Let’s say you use lp to get a free show ticket which is a premium reward, and then use 3 premium rewards before the show date. With the ticket in hand printed at home, how would they keep you from using the ticket at the show?
    Additionally, if you had three people that wanted to attend a show, could you use lp to get one free ticket and another reward to get 2 for 1 tickets?
    Thanks again

    1. Sorry for the delay. Lots going on here.
      You would still be able to see the show since you have a ticket.
      You would not be able to use 3 other Rewards, though. The ticket would count as 1 Reward during that trip.

  5. My gf has the game and she doesn’t have alot of the rewards I do including the on night comped stay why is that? She has 135 xp way more than me and I never bought any chips from here.

    1. I do not know. Some parts of the myVEGAS algorithm are mysteries.

  6. It says on the Park MGM rooms that you have to USE it 30 days from booking.

    1. No. It does not.
      It says it must be redeemed by a specific date (typically 30 days from the date you get the Reward).
      The Booking Window (which is the dates that the Reward can be used) is any available date now through December 26th, 2019 (I’m looking at the fine print on the Park MGM 1 Night Comp as a write this).

      You need to make the reservation within 30 days of getting the Reward, but that reservation can be for a stay that is as far away as December 26th right now.

      1. OK. I am looking at it in the app now (was looking at the Facebook game before). It does say ‘use’ in the app. The meaning is the same, though. It needs to be used to make the reservation within 30 days. The reservation can be for a stay anytime in the travel window, currently through Dec 26th.

        1. Awesome. Thanks for clarifying. I’ve always thought you HAD to book it in that 30 day period. That opens it way up.

          1. So how does it work for meals then. Cause you don’t book a day to eat. For example, the 2 for 1 Buffet at the Aria says “Reward must be redeemed by August 12,2019”. If I purchase it today, but don’t go until October, I feel like it would have expired.

            1. The redeem by, but use for a show or stay later, rule is specific to rooms and shows.
              For food and beverage, retail and freeplay/matchplay, you have to use it within the ‘use by’ or ‘redeem by’ time.
              In these cases, it is redeemed when you go to the Mlife desk and get it added to your card (or get the comp slip).
              So you would need to actually be at Aria, enjoying that buffet by August 12th or you would not be able to use that Reward. You would probably want to check the Reward again in September (or a lot closer to your actual trip) if you intend to use it for a trip in October.
              Yes. It gets confusing.

  7. First, thanks for all this information as I find your website MUCH more helpful than the myVegas “help” section …

    Now my situation ….

    I am arriving in Vegas on 7/24 and leaving 7/30 for 6 nights.

    Can I book a room using a 1 night comp (along with another night on my own dime) for 7/24 – 7/25 (Wed. & Thurs.) then stay downtown on 7/26 – 7/27 (the weekend – Fri. & Sat.) THEN use a 2 night comp at a hotel for 7/28 – 7/29 (Sun. & Mon.)?

    Now I know I can’t have both comps in my wallet and understand that but can I book the first one now then wallet & book the other one on the weekend I’m downtown after I’ve checked out of the first one?


    1. Thanks! I’m glad my site is helping you.

      The problem that may crop up with your plan is that the Comp Room Rewards tend to be invisible / unavailable when you are in Las Vegas.
      If I were trying to make that work, I’d make sure I had a backup reservation booked for 7/28 & 29 that could be cancelled without penalty incase the Comp Room Reward was not longer available (whether blocked by location or sold out).

      1. Wow, that has personally happened to you?

        That’s a pretty *bleep* move on them to make. I mean I get the limitations on not giving away the farm yet for someone (and others) to have grinded over 800,000 LP it just seems petty.

        1. That specific situation has not happened to me, but there have been times where I had wanted to get a specific Reward once I was there and it was blocked due to my location being in Las Vegas at the time. That’s why I recommend people get Rewards that they think they might use before they head to Las Vegas. You can cancel up to 5 a month if you don’t use them.

          Personally, I wouldn’t go into the trip without knowing I had a place to stay each night.

  8. Do you know when they will post the new calendars?? Looking to go in Aug so I’m anticipating the new calendar lol

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