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24 Hour Deuce Bus Pass is now $8

On Sept. 30th, the RTC raised the prices on its Strip and All Access passes.
A 2-hour bus pass for the Deuce or Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) is now $6.  The 24-hour pass is now $8. Both of these give you access to the entire system for the duration of the pass. The residential routes (non-Strip) are still $5 for a 24-hour pass.

If you are planning to use the bus a lot for your trip, you can get a 3-Day pass for $20. It covers all routes, including the Deuce and SDX.  The 3-day pass can be ordered online or purchased at a ticket vending machine (TVM).  TVM’s can be found at the larger bus stops. Passes ordered online are activated upon first use. Passes purchased at a TVM are activated upon purchase.

They have also created a mobile site to make it easier to track your bus via your cell phone. To access it, enter into your phone’s browser.  Note that if you have an iPad, this will take you to their full site instead of the mobile site.  For more info visit the RTC’s Ride Tracker Mobile info page.

Monorail Cyber Monday Sale

The Las Vegas Monorail is running a buy one get one 50% off sale on One Day passes.
The promo code is: cybermonday2012
The sale ends at Midnight on Tuesday, November 27th.
One Day passes are good for 1 year from the time of purchase and let you ride the Monorail for 24 hours from the time you first use them.

Here is the link:

Walgreen’s Wall of Trial Size Wonders

Did you forget to pack a few toiletries? Do you want to forgo the checked bag fee for your flight but don’t want to go through the trouble of taking toothpaste through airport security? Is the hotel shampoo/conditioner combo not doing it for you?
You are in luck.
The Walgreen’s located at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Harmon Ave. (next to Planet Hollywood and across from the Cosmopolitan) has a very large selection of travel and trial size toiletries.
You name it, they’ve got it; toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, q-tips, Lysol, foot powder, personal wipes, lotion, ibuprofen, etc. If you need something a bit larger or want to stock up on munchies and beverages for your room, they have that too. The prices are comparable to your hometown drugstore and a lot cheaper than the hotel lobby store. This Walgreen’s has become a regular stop for me during my trips.

Walgreen's Wall of Trial Sized Wonders
Walgreen’s Wall of Trial Sized Wonders

Las Vegas Taxicab Authority Targeting Long-hauling

Hopefully, you are aware of the possibility of “long-hauling”; the practice of some Las Vegas taxi drivers to take patrons arriving at McCarran International Airport to their hotel via a longer route than necessary. This is frequently called “tunneling”, too since it usually involves going through the tunnel to I-215 even if your hotel is on the Strip.  As a general rule, if you are staying North of the airport, taking the I-215 tunnel will result in traveling 3 extra miles and a higher fare.  This includes the Strip and downtown.  There are occasions where it might result in getting to your destination faster, but it is rare that the time difference is more than a minute or so.  Two ways to prevent being long-hauled are to know where you are going and to tell the driver to take the shortest distance.  If you have been long-hauled, make sure to get the driver’s name and permit number.  If you are uncomfortable confronting the driver, you can file a complaint with the Taxicab Authority at (702)668-4000 or online.
Here are a few Google Maps examples showing the difference in distance and estimated time for a few routes.
McCarran to Golden Nugget
McCarran to Mirage
McCarran to Harrah’s
McCarran to Rio

Now it looks like the Las Vegas Taxicab Authority is beginning to take some proactive measures to deter it, too.

Gold & Silver Pawn (the Pawn Stars store) via The Deuce bus.

If you have not been to Las Vegas in a while, you might think that this would be really easy since the Deuce used to pass right by the shop.  That changed in November of 2010, so now, what would have been a very simple trip to Gold & Silver Pawn or one of the various wedding chapels in the area (like the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel) requires a little more walking.

Take the Deuce North (towards downtown/ Fremont Street) and take it to the Bonneville Transit Center. Walk East on Garces Ave for 3 blocks. Cross Las Vegas Blvd and immediately turn right. Gold & Silver Pawn should be visible in the middle of the block (East side of Las Vegas Blvd).

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If you are trying to get to Gold & Silver Pawn from Downtown/Fremont Street, take the Southbound Deuce to Clark Ave.  Gold & Silver Pawn will be 2 blocks ahead on your left. If you miss the Clark Ave. stop, you can get off the bus at the Bonneville Transit Center and use the same walking directions mentioned above.

You can also take the SDX (Strip & Downtown Express bus). The SDX has fewer stops (hence the Express), so if you take it, you need to use the Bonneville Transit Center stop and follow the same walking directions given for the Deuce.  For $8, you can buy 24 hour pass that allow you to take the Deuce and SDX.  You can also buy your ticket when you board the Deuce bus or via machines at the main bus stops. For more information about the buses, visit