Can Online Live Dealers Really Offer a Las Vegas Experience?

Live Dealers and the Casino Experience

There’s been a perpetual pattern of rising interest in online betting, accelerated by the global pandemic. But can online casino live dealers really rival the Las Vegas experience?

Things that Cannot be Replicated

There are certain aspects of the real world casino that online betting establishments cannot replicate, however hard they try. As with video games, sights and sounds can be reproduced pretty accurately, but smell is a crucial part of triggering memory and, as any lover of old books will tell you, the electronic version just isn’t quite the same. That does cut both ways, of course. You’ll never have passive smoking when you’re playing from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also never suffer the tedium of traffic woe, or have to go without a drink because you’re driving home.

Another part of the casino experience that cannot be reproduced in the world of live dealers is a very good thing to be absent: the risk of COVID-19. We can all be sensible with the precautions we take regarding minimizing risk, such as obvious measures including mask wearing and maintaining social distances, but when even casinos using the same language adopt drastically different approaches to promoting a safe and healthy environment for workers and players it can be difficult to account for what others do. In addition to different brick and mortar casinos going for varying approaches when it comes to distances, plexiglass and so on, there’s always the risk of encountering a dingbat who is unwilling to take even basic precautions.

That’s one major plus, ironically, of online live dealer casino games. They don’t reproduce the live experience exactly, as there’s no danger of coming across a walking contagion factory. Frankly, it’s a lot safer right now to play online.

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More Games, More Bonuses

The differences between operating a real physical location with a geographical footprint and an online establishment that exists in cyberspace are profound, and can often be substantially in the player’s favor. The lack of a need to pay for heating bills, rent, and other overheads associated with traditional casinos means that running costs are lower for online casinos. This, in turn, means they require less of a house edge to achieve the same profits, and players can therefore benefit from a better chance of winning simply by virtue of playing online.

The same lack of a constraint on size, because there’s no brick and mortar limitation, also means that online betting sites can offer an almost unlimited variety of distractions for players to enjoy. Naturally, some online casinos provide more than others, with 100s of games from Casino Room showing just how much an online casino can offer. In addition to a huge number of slots there are table game classics in both regular online formats and with live dealer options. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker are usually present with numerous rule sets so you can pick your fancy. And table space has not been cut back for COVID-19 distancing reasons, unlike at physical casinos. In addition, live dealer sections also often provide players with the opportunity to enjoy gameshow style distractions such as Deal Or No Deal, or Monopoly.

All this has helped to fuel a competitive edge to the internet’s casino industry, fostering a desire to encourage players to sign up and stay at sites. Because of this, bonuses to welcome new players frequently involve deposit matching, free spins and/or free cash. Reload, cashback, and referral promos act similarly to help keep players hanging around in return for the casino giving a little boost. This includes the live dealer section, where you may be able to find free chips or gain free tournament entry.

Interest Rises in Online Gambling

General interest has been rising in online betting for a while, including sports and casino betting, but this has skyrocketed under the lockdowns that affected so much of the world recently. While sports were thrust into limbo, online casinos and live dealer betting options became much more sought after as other diversions were unavailable and a lot of people had unexpected free time on their hands.

Even now, when real world establishments are opening up there’s a lot to like about online betting. Not only is it far safer when it comes to COVID-19 and avoiding the modern day plague, online betting can be done at any time, for however long you like. Players can go in for hours at a time at their desk, or simply enjoy a few spins during commercial breaks or when there’s five minutes to kill. You don’t even have to be at home, as most casinos now are mobile compatible so you can play blackjack against a live dealer from your smartphone while out and about.

This rise in betting interest and the especial surge caused during lockdown has led to Caesars Entertainment entering talks to acquire British firm William Hill, which operates both a casino and sports betting site. Indeed, they face competition for the potential purchase from private equity firm Apollo, prompting speculation that a bidding war could ensue. On the sporting side, it’s forecast that some 13% of the adult American population will bet on the NFL this year, and if lockdowns return then that will only add to the number of players shifting once again from sports to casinos, including live dealers.

Online live dealers are not the same as real world betting. In some ways this might seem like a loss (when it comes to the atmosphere), but that’s surely countered by the greater safety offered in these uncertain times.