Aria Daily Riches Slot Tournament Details

The Aria is currently running a free Daily Riches Slot Tournament Monday through Thursday at 3pm. To enter the tournament you need to earn 500 Mlife Points at Aria between 3:30p on the day before the tournament and 2:30p on the day of the tournament (a 23 hour window before the tournament) or buy an entry as a myVEGAS Reward. If you want to get your entry by earning 500 Mlife points, you need to swipe your card at the Mlife desk before earning your 500 points.

The top 3 places win.

  • 1st Place is $500 in FREEPLAY
  • 2nd Place is 2 Tickets to Zarkana
  • 3rd place is 2 Aria Buffet passes.

The tournament is held at a bank of 8 slot machines across from the poker room. Each session lasts 3 minutes and they do as many rounds as necessary to get all of the players through. It moves quickly. You can see your score at the end of your session so you will have a good idea whether you are in the running for a prize or not. When I played, the whole thing was over by 3:20p and the winners were immediately announced.

According to the Mlife rep I spoke with, many people who qualify for it don’t show up so you have a better chance of winning something than you would at some of the other slot tournaments with more players and multiple sessions throughout the day. For additional details, visit the Aria Mlife desk.

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