About Mark’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not a destination that you want to experience like a local. It is a destination you want to experience like a regular.

I do not live in Las Vegas, but I have been visiting on a regular basis since 2002 (with a few random trips before that). Some of my trips have been very low-budget ($100 per day for food, room, entertainment and gambling) and others have been very high-end (like spending New Years at Caesars Palace in a suite). I have done ‘quick’ trips where I am in Las Vegas for less than 48 hours, holiday weekend trips, business/conference trips and extended stay trips where I am there for more than a week.

I have learned that every casino/resort/hotel in Las Vegas has a purpose. If it doesn’t, it gets imploded or reinvented. Whether that purpose matches what you want from your trip is another matter.
My site is intended to share some of my insights with you so that you can have a better chance of getting what you want out of your Las Vegas trip.

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I also have a site dedicated to room and show discounts. It is Mark’s Las Vegas Deals.

If you have a specific question or want to suggest a topic, feel free to email me at mark@markslasvegas.com

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