Viewer E-Mail: The LVH

I’m starting a Viewer E-Mail series based on questions I have received from friends, Mark’s Las Vegas readers and people I just happened to be chatting with. If you have a question or a topic that you would like me to address, please email me.

The first post in the series is from a recent question I received about the LVH:
“I am planning on staying at the LVH in January. It was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Vegas, but online reviews are highly mixed. My question: Have you ever stayed there yourself, and do you have an opinion/ advise about staying there?  Thank You for your assistance.”

The last time I was at LVH was April of last year. At that time it was the Las Vegas Hotel (and before that it was the Las Vegas Hilton). I don’t think it has changed that much since then. The hotel and amenities are OK. I’d rate it as a 3 star hotel. The LVH website gives you a fair idea of what the rooms look like. Just remember that they use a very wide angle lens and processing to make them look a bit larger than they actually are.

When you check in, they will offer you a number of paid upgrades. I took them up on it once and it wasn’t worth it. The basic room is, well, basic, but you wouldn’t know that the upgraded rooms were upgrades unless they told you.

If you are going to a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the LVH is a great option.  If not, the LVH is off-Strip and away from the action. It is relatively cheap and easy to get to the Strip from LVH by taking the Monorail, but it is still away from the Strip.

Things I like about LVH:

  • The sportsbook. It is gigantic and they have a lot of playable video poker in that section.
  • Free beer and wine at the buffet.
  • The Plaza Bar (no video poker, but a nice, quiet bar with consistently good service)
  • The SpaceQuest casino restrooms (really – they are well-themed)

Things I don’t like about LVH:

  • Limited dining options that appeal to me.
  • It is away from the action of the Strip (although that can be good thing, too)

If you are looking for the hotel to be a big part of your Vegas Experience, I’d suggest staying somewhere else. That is especially true since this is your first trip. On the other hand, it is a reliable home base for your first trip and will allow you to get a feel for Las Vegas without being in the thick of it. You can scope out other hotels while you are there to see where you want to stay on your next trip.

Have Fun!