Video Poker Strategy Cards

As a general rule, I don’t give advice on gambling strategy. There are better sources out there for that than me. I do encourage you to learn basic strategy and optimal play for any games you want to play though.  If you are new to video poker and want to make the most of it, I suggest getting a Video Poker Strategy Cards Set.

If you don’t want the full set, you can also get individual cards like the Video Poker 9/6 Jacks or Better Card or the Video Poker Deuces Wild Card

If you prefer it in book form (physical book or Kindle), you may want to check out
Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner, which covers the strategies as well as information on bankrolls, game volatility and how progressives and casino promotions can impact the expected value of a game.

If you want something a little more basic, you can always get something like the
Basic Strategy Card for Video Poker. Many casinos have this card available in their gift shops, too.