Venetian Daily 7s Slot Tournament

The Venetian and Palazzo are running the Daily 7s slot tournament from noon to 8pm every weekday through the rest of 2016.

The top 10 places win Slot Credits.
1st Place  gets $1000 Slot Credits
2nd Place gets $500 Slot Credits
3rd Place gets $250 Slot Credits
4th  Place gets $100 Slot Credits
5th  Place gets $50   Slot Credits
6th-10th Place get  $25 Slot Credits

You earn your entry to the tournament by earning Grazie Slot Reward Points.
750 Points gets you 1 entry.
1500 Points gets you 2 entries.
3000  Points gets you 3 entries (the maximum per day).
New Grazie members can receive 1 entry by earning 50 Points on the day they sign up.  Tournament sessions   must be played the same day that the entries   are earned.

Tournament sessions are 3 minutes each and start every 10 minutes from noon until 8pm. Prizes are announced by 8:30p each day and the Slot Credits are automatically added to winners’ accounts by 9pm.

The tournament is located by the Palazzo Grazie desk.

Here are photos of the flier and rules:
(click on the images for larger versions)

VenetianTourneyCover VenetianTourneyRules