Venetian adds USB chargers to slot machines

In need of a recharge while playing your favorite slot machine? The Venetian can help. At least if it’s your phone or mp3 player that needs charging. They have added USB charging ports to many of their slot and video poker machines. They will work with any device that uses a USB charging cable. You need to supply your own cable, though.

USB charging port on Venetian slot machine

USB charging port on Venetian slot machine

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  1. I would like a price and/or the number of a supplier that can deliver to Australia to install into our 150+ machines. Any correspondence would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Cool. It’s about time. I have to carry a portable charger in my purse when I’m in Vegas. Now all I have to carry is the cord. Hope the other casinos catch on. Good info. Thx much.