Vegas Stripped: New Travel Channel Show Tonight

Want to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes at a Las Vegas casino? Now you can!
Vegas Stripped takes you behind the scenes at South Point Casino, which is a few miles south of the Strip.
The show premieres tonight at 10pm on the Travel Channel.
For more information, check out the Las Vegas Sun article about the show.

2 thoughts on “Vegas Stripped: New Travel Channel Show Tonight”

  1. I have heard many times on the travel channel about off the strip hotel/casinos , and that the payouts are pretty good. Which off the path hotel have you stayed in and found that there are pretty loose machines?

    1. Hi.

      Off-Strip casinos do tend to have higher payout percentages. One of my favorite off-Strip casinos to play at is the Gold Coast. It is next to the Rio (a short drive or cab ride from the Strip – they also run a free shuttle from Bill’s Gambling Hall). It can get a bit smokey, but the slots are definitely looser and the video poker paytables are better. If you are looking for something a little more upscale with good machines (and you don’t mind going a lot further from the Strip), I suggest the M Resort and Red Rocks Resort.
      Good Luck!

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