Total Rewards Winterfest Tournaments

Winterfest and Summerfest Tournaments used to be a perk of having Total Rewards Platinum status or above.  Platinum tier members were guaranteed entry to  a tournament and 2 comped nights. Diamond and SevenStar members were guaranteed entry and 3 comped nights.  The tournaments went away for a year or two.  They are back, but now they are invitation only and based upon your play. If you are interested in the tournaments, but haven’t received an offer code, I suggest contacting your Total Rewards rep.

 Here is the list of Winterfest Tournaments for 2015:

Tournament Location Dates
Video Poker Rio   Las Vegas November 16-19
Bingo The LINQ  Las Vegas November  26-29
Blackjack Paris   Las Vegas December 7-10
Slots Harrah’s     Las Vegas December 14-17


Tournament registration will take place on the event dates above. You will get a welcome letter with the exact times and locations when you check in.

Each day is a standalone tournament, so if you can’t be there on the final day, that isn’t a problem. These are relatively low value tournaments (you can bring a friend and they can buy in for $20), so I wouldn’t make too much of an effort to make the trip, but if you are already considering a Vegas trip it is a nice incentive. Also, since they are low value tournaments, it isn’t unusual to have people register for a tournament session and then not show up  for their session.

Here is the schedule from the Summerfest   Blackjack Tournament. I expect the Winterfest tournaments will use a similar schedule:
summerfest blackjack 2015

The winner from each table received $50 in FreePlay and the  players who had the largest final chip stacks at the of the day received much larger FreePlay amounts.  Each day started a completely new tournament.