Total Rewards’ new Diamond in a Day

Total Rewards has added a new level to its Bonus Tier Credits for certain levels of action. If you earn 5000 Tier Credits in a single day, you will get 10,000 Bonus Tier Credits. That will give you the 15,000 Tier Credits you need to achieve Diamond status in a single day. Earning 5000 Tier Credits in a single day is no small feat. It requires $25,000 through slot machines or $50,000 through a typical video poker machine.

Unlike the old version of Diamond in a Day which only gave you Diamond status for the rest of the year, the new system gives you full Diamond status which is good for the rest of the current year, all of the next year and until the end of March the following year. Getting Diamond in a Day today (January 2, 2014) would give you Diamond status through the end of March 2016.

8 thoughts on “Total Rewards’ new Diamond in a Day”

  1. My husband and I play on one card (mine) and just made the 2500 credit with 5000 bonus in one day and that was a ton of play. Not certain I would do that again. Can’t imagine DIAD unless you were playing major high roller slots.

  2. Are you saying that you need to have a dollar amount of 25,000 dollars in the slot machine?

    1. Hi Jason.
      It means that you need to have played $25,000 through the slot machine. That is not $25,000 won or lost. It is not a balance of $25,000 in the machine at one time (which is what I think you are asking).
      For each $5 wagered through a slot machine, you get 1 Tier Credit. If you earn 5000 Tier credits in a single day, you will earn enough Bonus Tier Credits to achieve Diamond status. The display by the Total Rewards card reader on the slot machine should give you a running total of your session Tier Credits.

      Let’s say you put $20 in a $5 slot machine. For simplicity, let’s say that you are only betting one credit per spin ($5). On spin 1, you lose (but earn 1 Tier Credit). On spin 2 you lose (and earn another Tier Credit). On spin 3 you win $15 (and earn another Tier Credit). On spin 4 you win $5 (and earn another Tier Credit). Spins 5-8 lose (but each earn 1 Tier Credit). You lost your $20, but put $40 through the machine, earning you 8 Tier Credits.

      If you are playing a traditional 25 cent 3 reel slot machine with a 3 credit max bet, you are putting 75 cents through the machine with every spin (assuming you are doing a max-bet for each spin). It would take 33,334 spins at max-bet on that machine to get the $25,000 through the machine.
      If you are playing a penny slot with a $4 max-bet, it would take 6250 spins at max-bet to get $25,000 through the machine.

      1. Thank you. Another question. What would be the fastest way to get 5,000 points before going to vegas for MM? I got a total rewards visa card and got my 12,500 points. But an additional 5,000 would get me to Diamond status while I’m out there. Unless I can find somebody to transfer me points one time.

        1. Hi Jason.
          I think we are talking about 2 different types of points. Rewards Credits and Tier Credits are not the same. As far as I know, you get Reward Credits from your Total Rewards Visa purchases. Reward Credits equate to comps. For instance, if you received 12,500 Reward Credits through the TR Visa, that equals $125 in comps. Earning 15,000 Reward Credits will have no effect on your Tier.
          The main way to get Tier Credits is by gambling although you can earn them very slowly through purchases. I would not suggest trying to spend your way to a higher Total Rewards status.
          You can read more about the Reward Credits and Tier Credits in my Total Rewards overview.
          You may want to check out my Players Club Comps and Tier Advancement Cheat Sheet, too.

  3. Are you sure about the duration of Diamond status? I thought when you earn any status it lasts until March of the following year.

    1. Yes.
      When you earn your status, your are technically earning it for the next year.
      Any play in 2014 goes towards your 2015 status. Total Rewards makes your status effective from the moment you earn it, so if you get Diamond status today, it will be effective as of today and give you Diamond status for all of 2015. Since they have the status expiration dates offset from the calendar year, your status would actually be good through the end of March 2016.

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