Total Rewards Free Shows List

Here is the current list of monthly free shows for Diamond and Seven Stars players in Las Vegas.  The shows are buy 1, get 1 free for Platinum players.   Brooklyn Bowl shows are  Diamond / Seven Star only.

March adds a few more shows on top of what had already been added in February. Stripped! and That’s Vegas (both at Bally’s) are the newest additions.
The quick summary from February is:
 INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular  has replaced Circus 1903.
Anthony Cools and Jeff Civillico are back on the list at Paris.
Caesars Palace finally has an entry on the list with their Cocktail Cabaret at Cleopatra’s Barge.
The new Masters of Illusion at Bally’s is on the list (opened 12/6) as is Wayne Newton.
WOW and Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man are available.
Other recent additions are The Miss Behave Game Show and  X ROCKS  shows at Bally’s and Murray the Magician at Planet Hollywood.

The High Roller is no longer on the Tier Benefit list. You can still get a discount based on your tier, but it does not count as your show for the month. The Eiffel Tower has a similar tier-based discount. I have a discount link for it at the bottom of this post, too.

To get your show tickets, go to any Total Rewards desk, tell them which show you want to see and they will give you a voucher for the show. Then take that voucher to the show’s box office. You can get one voucher per calendar month. Choose your show wisely. 😉

I was able to verify that solo Diamond and Seven Stars members can get a single ticket to 2 different shows as their 2 free shows benefit. Platinum players have to get 2 tickets to the same show, so solo Platinum players don’t really get a free shows benefit and would be better off going to Tix4Tonight  or Mark’s Las Vegas Deals show page.

show descriptions


Caesars Palace:





Planet Hollywood:


Penn and Teller and Legends In Concert are  on my  Top 5 resident production shows list.  You can find my reviews here:
Penn and Teller
Legends in Concert

I also recommend Mac King, Murray the Magician and Mat Franco.


You can  find discounted Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Experience tickets here:

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  1. I’m going to be going to Vegas next week and I just wanted to confirm, as a diamond member I can get 1 ticket each to 2 different shows, or I can only get 2 tickets to the same show? I’m hoping to see Legends in Concert and Mat Franco

    • Hi Clarissa.
      Yes. It is a fairly recent change, but you should be able to get one ticket to Legends and one to Mat Franco as your Diamond Tier Benefit.
      Take Care,

  2. Hi Mark – thanks for this list! Saved me a trip over to Caesars! You happen to have the January 2018 list? Maybe it’s not out until Jan 1st???

  3. If I get a voucher the last day of the month do I have to use that day or can I carry it into the next month?

    • Hi Andrew.
      The voucher should be good for a few days. My suggestion, though, is to get it and then get your show tickets as soon as possible (preferably the same day). The show does not have to be the same day that you get or redeem the voucher – it can even be in the next calendar month.

    • It will vary by show of course, but they tend to be good seats. They are not front row, but they are not the cheap seats either. Typically front-to-mid orchestra for assigned seats and the second tier (non-VIP) ticket for maitre d’ seating.

    • It is one voucher per calendar month TOTAL.
      If your trip happens to bridge two months (like staying October 30 – November 2), you can get one voucher on Oct 30 or 31 and another starting Nov 1. Some players plan trip with this in mind.

      Thanks for asking. I guess I assumed people would know that, but I hadn’t stated those specifics in the post. I’m changing that now.

      Take Care,

  4. Mark, you said the High Roller Is no longer part of your Diamond benefit tickets each month. Do they still give 50% discount off the tickets for Diamond members? Does that include the Happy Half Hour tickets?

    • I’m staying at caesars next month….can I get my tickets for shows at a different hotel at the caesars TR or do I have to get them at the hotel where the show is?

      • You can get the voucher at any Total Rewards desk. You can take that voucher to the box office at any Caesars/TR property to get the tickets for most shows. For Brooklyn Bowl shows, you will need to take the voucher to the Brooklyn Bowl box office.

  5. I have a question as a solo traveler; I’ll be in Vegas in June and would like to see X Country (I’m a big fan of country music and an even bigger fan of topless women). I’ll only need one ticket, would I then be able to get a single ticket to another show like Penn & Teller?

    • The comps are for one show per month. I find myself going solo much of the time, too, and have only been able to get tickets to a single show (sometimes the rep asks if I want to go ahead and get 2 tickets even though I only need one. Sometimes I go ahead and get the extra, especially for GA shows). X Country was fun, it is exactly what they advertise.

    • Yes, you will get two single ticket vouchers at the total rewards center to use as you choose when ordering the actual tickets at the box office.

    • That should be doable. I haven’t used the voucher for tickets that far ahead of time, but I have definitely done it days ahead of the show.

  6. I am traveling to Vegas May 2nd and hoping to use my monthly reward to see Penn and Teller on May 3rd. Is the anyway to book ahead? Maybe call the rewards desk. Thanks for your site and all of the great information.

    • Hi.
      It never hurts to call. If you have a host, you may want to contact them, too. I have never been able to book the free show before I get there, though.

    • You have to be there in person at the TR Booth to book. If you are there on Sunday, you should be able to book weekday shows. Weekend shows are hard to book because the casino would rather sell it to the tourist. Weekday showrooms are usually not 100% filled..

    • It varies a little by the show, but the free tickets are usually within the top 2 price tiers.

  7. Looks like Legends is dark until February 11. Hope it comes back! Thanks for keeping us updated on these shows, helps to plan our trips ahead of time.

  8. Thank you for publishing this list and keeping it current. For people out of town, it is very useful. I actually have this site as a shortcut on my desktop for quick referral.

    One quick question – we are going to be there in mid-February with my cousin. I had really wanted her to see Million Dollar Quartet, but clearly that is out of the question. Do you have any idea if new shows are going to be added by then?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the site.
      I expect the list will adjust a little bit more by February, but it is really difficult to predict.

      Take Care,

    • Hi.
      I don’t have it and I may not be able to get it until mid-late November. I will post it whenever I do get it, though.
      Take Care,

  9. For the Freebie LINQ tickets (diamond member), do the tickets include drinks at the bar (in the pod)? Or are the tickets just to go on the pods?


    • So can I pick a free show if I am Diamond, plus I also get a discount if I want to ride the High Roller too? Or do I need to choose just one?

      • The High Roller discount counts as your “Free Show / Tier Benefit Show” for the month. It is a waste unless you really don’t want to see any of the shows.

    • If you are a Total Rewards Platinum, Diamond or SevenStar player, go to any Total Rewards desk, tell them which show you want to see and they will give you a voucher for the show. Then take that voucher to the show’s box office.
      I have now added this info to the post.

    • Hi Tracey.
      The list for October won’t be out until October 1st or 2nd.
      I will post a new list once I have it.
      The available shows don’t change much, though, so it is reasonable to expect the current list of shows to be available in October.

  10. Sorry I see my previous question was already answered, so just a different question: Do you have to be staying at the same hotel where the show is? I’ll be at Paris and want to see the show at Bally’s.

    • Hi Steven.
      You do not need to be staying at the same hotel as the show. You don’t even need to be staying at a Caesars property.

  11. I’m a diamond member, how exactly do I get my tickets for these comp shows? Gonna be staying in LV in October and I wanted to see The Paranormal show at Bally’s

  12. does anyone know how long you have to wait between dates? like if I get a voucher on Aug 27 can I get another one Sept 1?

    • Hi John.
      The dates just need to be in different months. You could get a voucher on August 31st and go back the next day to get the September voucher on September 1st.

      – Mark

  13. Does anyone have the list of free shows for August or can you confirm that it is still the same shows from July? Thank You

  14. I am at Diamond level. How do I get the free show tickets? I never knew this was a perk. Is the free show tickets automatic once you reach Diamond status.

    • Hi Dennis.
      Yes, the perk is ‘automatic’ in that when you reach Diamond status you can get the free show tickets. You need to go to the Total Rewards desk, tell them which show you want to see and then they will give you a voucher to take to the box office to get the tickets.
      The same process is used at the Platinum level for the 2-for-1 tickets.

  15. Hi–thanks so much for this info. Just curious, do you have to go to the Total Rewards desk at the property where the show is, or just any TR desk? In other words, do I have to go to the Rio to get Penn and Teller tix, or can any TR desk hook me up? Thanks!!

    • Hi Karen.
      You can go to any Total Rewards desk to get the voucher for your free shows. You typically have to go to the box office for that show to get the tickets, but they will give you the specifics when you get the voucher.

  16. Hi. I will be in Vegas July 18-20. I wanted to see Penn & Teller, and I saw it was on your list of “Total Rewards Free Shows List”. But when I phoned TR last week , they said it was not on their available shows list. Could you update or confirm this information? Also where would you buy an extra discounted ticket (besides tickets4tonite) ? Thank You very much!

    • Hi.
      The list for July won’t be out until July, but I will do what I can to get an update.
      The show is in high demand, so it is not unusual for the show to be ‘sold out’ as far as the Diamond Comp tickets go. I’ve had that happen a few times.
      For discounted tickets purchased ahead of time, I suggest TravelZoo which currently has Penn & Teller tickets for up to 40% off.–2273090
      If you are flying to Las Vegas on Southwest and want to buy you ticket in person, the Southwest magazine usually has a discount ticket coupon for Penn & Teller. It might be a 2-for-1.

      Take Care,

  17. Hi I was wondering if you had any idea if the new adult show 53 X at Paris will be added to this list by June?

  18. I will be in Las Vegas the beginning of April and would like to see Anthony Cools. Is it possible to get tickets ahead of time or do I have to wait until I get there?

    • Hi Jayne.
      Sorry for the delay. I wanted to verify my info before responding.
      You must go to the Total Rewards desk in person in order to get the voucher for the free or discounted shows.
      Also, even though the list doesn’t change much, they won’t know what shows will be available in April until April.

  19. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for all this information. It was helped me tremendously. I do have another question hoping you can help me out with. So i’m a diamond memeber and I’m aware I get two show tickets per month. In a few weeks i’m making a trip with my cousins about 10 of us. We want to watch anthony cools. I know I can claim my 2 free tickets. My question is am I able to buy for additional discount at the buy one get one free rate?

    • You are welcome. 🙂
      The Diamond benefit only gives you 2 free show tickets. You don’t get a discount on additional tickets. You can go to Tix4Tonight to get additional half-price tickets, though.

  20. I just read that Rock of Ages is moving to the Rio as of January 25, 2016. Do you think these will be included in the free Diamond show tickets?

  21. Hey Mark – Great site, love the information that I can’t seem to get anywhere else. My wife and I are headed to Vegas later this month (we are Diamond) and wanted to know if you had the TR Comped Show list for September, 2015. Please advise and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Brett!

      I don’t have the September list, but I would expect it to be the same (note that Jeff Civillico is dark until September 21st as mentioned in the post).

      Have Fun!

  22. We are traveling to Las Vegas the week of 1/14/15. Do you know if total rewards have made any changes to the free show ticket list? Either by adding or deleting any shows. Thank you for providing the list. We have used it in the past and have found it very helpful.

    • Hi.
      A few things have changed. Defending the Caveman and Recycled Percussion are no longer available.
      The list on my site has been updated with that info.

  23. Do you know if you are Platinum if you can get one show for 50% off or does it have to be buy 1 get 1 free? Thanks for keeping this list updated. Hopefully will be Diamond next year and will book my trip to Vegas in between 2 months. (2 free shows that way)

    • Like many things for the Platinum level, they are buy 1 get 1 free; Not helpful for the solo traveller. If you want 50% off show tickets, check out the Tix4Tonite booths. Many of the shows on the list are available there, too.
      Thanks! I’m glad you like the site.
      Good luck on Diamond!

  24. Thank you so much for posting this list and updating it! We used it last year and it was extremely helpful. We couldn’t find this information anywhere else!