Total Rewards Free Shows List

Here is the current list of free shows for Diamonds and Seven Stars players in Las Vegas as of  July 6, 2017.  The shows are buy 1, get 1 free for Platinum players.   Brooklyn Bowl shows are  Diamond / Seven Star only.

Menopause The Music will be featuring Cindy Williams now through September 4th. The Bronx Wanderers will switch to just 5:30pm shows starting July 20th. Otherwise, little has changed over the past few months.

To get your show tickets, go to any Total Rewards desk, tell them which show you want to see and they will give you a voucher for the show. Then take that voucher to the show’s box office. You can do this once per calendar month.

LINQ-HighRollerConciergeIf you want to get High Roller tickets, I suggest going directly to the LINQ  Concierge next to the Brooklyn Bowl on your way to the High Roller to get your pass.  Although the High Roller tickets are no longer a comp, they do count as your Tier Benefit Show for the month if you use the discount.






Penn and Teller and Legends In Concert are  on my  Top 5 resident production shows list.  You can find my reviews here:
Penn and Teller
Legends in Concert

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  1. I have a question as a solo traveler; I’ll be in Vegas in June and would like to see X Country (I’m a big fan of country music and an even bigger fan of topless women). I’ll only need one ticket, would I then be able to get a single ticket to another show like Penn & Teller?

    • The comps are for one show per month. I find myself going solo much of the time, too, and have only been able to get tickets to a single show (sometimes the rep asks if I want to go ahead and get 2 tickets even though I only need one. Sometimes I go ahead and get the extra, especially for GA shows). X Country was fun, it is exactly what they advertise.

    • That should be doable. I haven’t used the voucher for tickets that far ahead of time, but I have definitely done it days ahead of the show.

  2. I am traveling to Vegas May 2nd and hoping to use my monthly reward to see Penn and Teller on May 3rd. Is the anyway to book ahead? Maybe call the rewards desk. Thanks for your site and all of the great information.

    • Hi.
      It never hurts to call. If you have a host, you may want to contact them, too. I have never been able to book the free show before I get there, though.

    • You have to be there in person at the TR Booth to book. If you are there on Sunday, you should be able to book weekday shows. Weekend shows are hard to book because the casino would rather sell it to the tourist. Weekday showrooms are usually not 100% filled..