Total Rewards now lets you see comp activity

This is big.
When you log in to the Total Rewards MyTR page you have a new option in the left-hand menu.  It is the MyTR eStatement.  It details any Reward Credits that have been earned or used for the month.  Past months’ statements are also available.

The eStatement breaks your earned RCs down by Gaming, Entertainment (including dining and hotel charges), TR Visa card earnings, TR Alliances (like the TR Marketplace and Caesars Casino Facebook game), Promotions and Other (including the subtraction of voided comps – remember that RCs do expire).
The Redeemed Reward Credits list lets you see the date, location and amount of RCs used.  For example I have a statement where I earned RCs by gambling, entertainment and TR Alliance activity.  It also shows that RCs were used for a limousine, dry cleaning and meals.