Total Rewards 50% Tier Credit Bonus

Total Rewards is offering a 50% bonus on Tier Credits earned between January 1, 2015 and March 31, 2015. The bonus applies to the first 50,000 Tier Credits earned and will yield a maximum of 25,000 extra Tier Credits. These extra Tier Credits are in addition to the Daily Tier Credit Bonuses which are still in effect.

You must earn at least 1,000 Tier credits between January 1 and March 31, 2015 in order to qualify for the extra Tier Credits. According to the fine print, the Daily Tier Credit Bonuses count toward the 50,000 Tier Credits maximum and will receive the 50% bonus. This only applies to Tier Credits. The bonus does not apply to Rewards Credits (comps). The extra Tier Credits earned from this promotion will be calculated after March 31, 2015 and posted to your Total Rewards account on April 15, 2015.

total-rewards-50tc_bonusThese Bonus Tier Credits will make it a lot easier for most people to earn Platinum status. I suspect that many people who have been wondering whether to renew their Diamond status will do so if they take advantage of this promotion. If you are able to take full advantage of the promotion, it will get you halfway to SevenStars status, qualify you for Diamond Aspiration Level 1 (4 free nights and $100 folio credit) and almost get you to Diamond Aspiration Level 2 (Annual Retreat with $750 airfare credit, a New Year’s Eve offer, VIP round-trip airport transportation between the Total Rewards destination you are visiting and an airport within 50 miles, and a Companion Card).

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  1. Does the 50% tier bonus also apply to the daily tier bonus? For example, if you play and earn 2,500 tier credits in one day and earn the 5,000 daily tier bonus, does the bonus 50% tier bonus apply to the entire 7,500 tier credits or just the 2,500?

    1. Also, I heard your interview on Gambling with an Edge. Really informative and entertaining stuff! Thanks for putting all this info out there!

      1. Thanks! It was a fun show. There was so much that we couldn’t cover due to the time limit (we almost recorded 2 shows that day). I know a lot more now than I did back then, too.
        We might revisit it now that I have more details about other players clubs.

    2. The 50% tier bonus applies to the the Daily Tier Bonus as well. For example, if you earn 1,000 Tier in one day, you would get the Daily Tier Bonus of 1,000 and then another 1,000 (2,000 x 50%) in April when the 50% bonus it credited. If you were to play 2,500 tier credits in a day, you would get your 5,000 Daily Tier Credit Bonus and then an additional 3,750 tier credits in April.

      1. Mark,

        When I checked with the total rewards desk, most were not aware of how it worked. The supervisor showed me some fine print where it states the 50% bonus is only on “Earned” tier credits. In other words, If you earn 2500 tc in a day, get 5000 tc bonus, and that’s all you played between Jan 1 and March 31, you would only get 1250 bonus TC on the 2500 earned TC, not on the bonus. Also you mentioned in another reply that if the person started with 0 before the promotion. According to the offer, it is retroactive to January 1. We all would start with 0 at the time of the offer. If you heard differently, or Total Rewards changed their policy, please correct me. Thanks!

        1. Sorry, misread the other reply regarding starting with 0 tc. I see you meant on that day, and that earning 2500 tc would get the regular bonus leaving them 3750 short. In the fine print I saw at total rewards, they would not get bonus 50% on the 5k bonus.

          If what I read is true, they’d get 2500 tc + 5k bonus + 1250 50% bonus on earned tc = 8750 leaving them 6250 short.

        2. Unfortunately, TR Desk reps not knowing what is going on is fairly standard. I talked to someone today who didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned the 5000 Tier Credit Bonus for playing 2500 Tier in a day.

          As for the “Winter Tier Credit Blast”, here is the fine print for the 50% Tier Credit Bonus:

          6. 50% bonus will be determined based on the members’ 2015 Tier Score at the end of the promotional day
          on March 31, 2015
          7. Daily Tier Credit Bonuses will be included in the total Tier Score since they are added to the members’ Tier
          Score daily and therefore are considered a part of the total Tier Score.

          You can read the full details on the Total Rewards Winter Tier Credit page. Just click the “Terms and Conditions” link for those details.

          1. Mark,

            Thank you for the update. I was in Philadelphia at Harrahs Chester when the initial email came out in January. Like you say the Total rewards clerks were of no assistance. However I did speak with the head supervisor, and she showed me an email that was sent to them that stated the daily bonuses were not included. I looked at the link you sent and terms and conditions, and of course you are correct based on that interpretation. It just makes you wonder if Caesars management is on the same page. Based on their web site I’d expect what you said to be correct. It will be interesting once mid April arrives to see what they actually post. Obviously if they don’t include the daily bonuses then there is a misrepresentation on their part. Hopefully they will be consistent with what they posted on the website in the terms and conditions area. Thanks for the reply. Great job on your page.

            1. Thanks!
              I have seen other reputable sources state that the Daily Bonuses count towards this promotion, too.
              It also clearly states on the flyer they gave out (the one included in this post) that “Daily Tier Credit Bonuses will count”. I think some people are confused about Tier Credits vs Reward Credits. No Reward Credits are given in this promotion. Also, when your 50% Bonus is applied, it won’t trigger another Daily Bonus. For example, if you get 5000 Tier Credits as your 50% bonus, that will not count as 5000 Tier Credits earned in a day and trigger the 10,000 Tier Credit Bonus.
              I’m interested to see what happens in April, too, but if they don’t automatically apply the 50% Bonus to the Daily Tier Credit Bonus, they are going to have many irate mid- and high-level players who will probably consider this the last straw and take their play elsewhere.

    3. i was thinking the same thing, only have to earn 2500 pts in one day and ill be diamond in April, defiantly worth shooting for if your going down for a weekend, i would like to hear it verified before going to AC with a pocket of $

      1. If you are starting from 0 tier credits, earning 2500 tier credits in one day will not get you Diamond status in April. Earning 2500 Tier in a day before March 31st will get you the usual daily bonus of 5000 tier and then an additional 3750 tier in April. That will give you a total of 11,250 tier credits. You will still need 3750 tier credits to reach the 15,000 tier credits required for Diamond.

  2. Very strange this popped up a few days after the Bankruptcy filing ? They have been tighting up on comps and wanting more points for them. I was going to take a Total Rewards credit card a few months back, I am glad I did not. I have a feeling I would be holding the BAG in the near future.!

    1. I don’t see it as strange at all. I see it as an easy way to give people who are frightened by the bankruptcy filing an incentive to come to the casino and play more.

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