Total Rewards 2016 update

Caesars’ Total Rewards has made a few changes to the program for 2016 (like they do every year). The one change that will affect most players is the adjustment of the tier expiration from March 31 to January 31. This applies to tier status earned in 2015 as well.
The date change shouldn’t have a big impact, but it does give you 2 fewer months if you decide to cut back. Earning a higher tier status this month (January 2016) will still get you that status through the end of January 2018 even if you stop playing. The tier earning period is still January 1 – December 31

Total Rewards has added some nice new perks for Diamond players.
  • Early check-in and late check-out will be complimentary for Diamond and Seven Stars® members when available. This had been an unofficial perk, but I had heard a few people say they had to pay an extra fee for that in the past.
  • Resort Fees are still comped all Diamond and Seven Stars® members, but now you will actually receive all of the elements included in the resort fee for that property. In the past, if you were Diamond and wanted Wi-Fi, you would have to pay for it a la carte (or opt in to the resort fee).
  • Guaranteed Room with 72 hours notice in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This had been a Seven Stars only perk in the past.
  • Diamond players now get 15% off best available advertised rate on rooms and suites. Since the rates you see normally take your status and play into account, it is difficult to say whether this will make much of a difference.
As part of the resort fee change, Seven Stars® players now get one complimentary movie per day. That change is for reservations made after February 1, 2016. Reservations booked before February 1, 2016 will offer the property specific benefit that was in place when the reservation was booked.

3 thoughts on “Total Rewards 2016 update”

  1. I just became a diamond, when will I get information on all of my benefits. And when do they send the 100 dining credit??

    Thank you

    1. Congratulations!
      They don’t send those things. When you reach Diamond status, go to the Total Rewards desk to get your card. When you want to use the Diamond Celebration $100 dining credit, you can either go to the Total Rewards desk or a promotional kiosk if your casino has those and get the $100 dining voucher. Do not get the voucher until you want to use it. If you lose that voucher, it will not be reprinted or re-issued.

  2. Nothing new for 7 stars. I was never guaranteed a room. They told me night before I was to check in – no suite available sorry- they prefer paying customers then loyal 7 stars! I stayed somewhere else. Only thing different is u short change us two months! Terrible no loyalty to 7 stars

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