Total Rewards 2014

Total Rewards has made a few tweaks to their system again. Most players won’t notice a difference. Basic benefits and tier requirements have not changed. If you are looking for that info, visit my Total Rewards Overview which has also been updated with the current information.

The rate at which you earn Reward and Tier Credits from gambling has not changed, but they have made a major change in how quickly you earn Tier Credits from purchases. Now you will earn 1 Reward Credit and 1 Tier Credit for every $1 spent on dining, shopping and room charges at Caesars owned properties. Previously the rate had been 1 Tier Credit per $5 spent. This makes it a little easier to buy your way to a higher tier status, but I still would not suggest trying to do that.

The other notable change has been in the Seven Stars program benefits. Instead of the Seven Stars Aspiration rewards of last year, your now earn Experience Credits that can be redeemed for Experiences like a $500 Total Rewards gift card, private hot air balloon ride, diving with sharks, Kentucky Derby and African safari packages, just to name a few. Full details on the new Seven Star Experiences can be found at

Additional information can be found in the TR Brand BrochureDiamond Renewal Brochure and Seven Stars Renewal Brochure.

Another good resource for information on Total Rewards and insight about Caesars casinos across the country is Darryl D. McEwen’s SevenStarInsider website. He covers a lot of Seven Star specific topics, but also has information relevant to all Total Rewards players.

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