TI Petite Suite

If you are looking for a nice little suite with a jacuzzi for a special occasion I recommend checking out TI’s  Petite Suite.

There was a time when TI was a reliable home base for me. That was long ago. I’m not a fan of some of the things Phil Ruffin did to it after buying it from MGM. The loss of higher end dining like Social House and Isla and the addition of what was at the time one of the highest resort fees in Las Vegas were enough to keep me from going back.

I still remember their Petite Suite as being one of the better deals around, though. For a little more than the regular room rate at TI, and for about the same price as a regular room at some of the nicer hotels you get a nice little suite with his and hers bathrooms and a jacuzzi. Much as that still holds true. The suites have been remodeled, but the basic layout and quality are the same.

Rates for the Petite Suite tend to  be about 50% higher than the base Deluxe room. A quick search yielded rates of less than $100 for some weeknights with the average rate being around $150 per night.

TI is running  a TV Ad Special which gives you the option to decline their $29 per night resort fee ($32.48 after taxes) and not get the amenities the resort fee covers. I suggest going that route since the only thing the TI resort fee covers that I would use is the Wi-Fi.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Petite Suite as an affordable upgrade to a room with a jacuzzi for a special occasion.