Count’s Kustoms, Rick’s Restorations and Toy Shack: The Pawn Stars Spinoffs

Three of the Pawn Stars Experts have their own shops or shows that fans might want to check out. If you want to find out more about them or visit their shops, here are the details.

Rick Dale, Rick’s Restorations, American Restoration
Rick has restored Coke machines, gas pumps and slot machines for the Pawn Stars. If you want to appear on his American Restoration show and have him restore something for you, you can contact him here.  He has also taken advantage of the popularity of both shows and offers a lot of Rick’s Restorations logo merchandise.
Rick’s Restorations:
Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm
Location: 1112 S Commerce Street (off W. Charleston Blvd).
That is less than a mile from Pawn Star’s Gold & Silver Pawn

Johnny Jimenez, The Toy Shack
Johnny comes in whenever the guys need information about action figures, Hot Wheels cars and vintage toys. He doesn’t have his own show, but you can easily visit his store.
The Toy Shack:
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am-10pm
Location: 450 Fremont St. #117; Street level of the Neonopolis.
It is further from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, but you can get to it easily from the Deuce Bus.

Danny ‘The Count’ Koker, Count’s Kustoms, Counting Cars
Danny comes in to appraise cars and motorcycles as well as restore them.
Danny has taken his popularity even further than the Pawn Stars. He runs Count’s KustomsCount’s Tattoo Company at the Rio and Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill.  You can even find him fronting the band Zito 77. Logo merchandise from all of his ventures is available online at
If you are a diehard Count fan, you can join the Count’s Friends fan club for a fee.
Count’s Kustoms:
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am-10pm
Location: 2714 Highland Dr.
2.5 Miles from Gold & Silver Pawn; The other side of the train tracks from Circus Circus
It does not face the street. When you get to the intersection of Highland and Presidio, turn east and enter the industrial complex on the right. Once you are in the parking area, Count’s Kustoms will be at the far end to the left.

Count’s Tattoo Company:
Hours: Monday – Wednesday: Noon – 10pm; Thursday – Sunday: Noon – Midnight
Location: Second floor of the Masquerade Village at the Rio

Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill:
Hours: Monday – Sunday: Open at 11am, closing time varies with event schedule.
Location: 6750 West Sahara Ave (across from CarMax)

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  1. I live in Lafayette Indiana im an prescription pain med addict fighting it every day and tying not be a burden and wory my family my life sucks but i get a boost seeing u guys work I love to watch Danny he seems to be a very selfless person and a truly nice guy all my friends tell me im the can do anything I set out to do but staying clean is hardest thing I am going thru I broke my back jumping a car in my friends field 178 feet at 18 on purposes like spankey spangler it rolled in air like a football and landed right on my side of roof and got t3 and t4 compression fractures and was on pain meds for ever im 35 now but I am trying to get into working on cars for a living but I need a life worth living but your show helps me more than you think I would love to work on cars to make them as cool as possible instead off repairing cars here or there for little and my dad have a 53 ford crestliner we customized front end we try but with my dad working 7 days a week all the time just to keep us in a home and supports me like no other dad would I just wish we could finish it im affraid it will never get done he is near 60.I just wanted to let you guys no u do bring me hope in my future just wish I had friends who are so nice an unjudgmental like danny u are my inspiration to fight for my life I no if I keep the same cycle I will die but your show is a light in my hell of addiction.thanks for being you and giving me hope I can get my skills up to yours im almost 36 I dont want to be an addict but it happened I am prescription pain med addict from drs over prescribed meds

  2. Thanx Mark.
    Are you able to advise on a Christmas dinner venue? We have been informed that the menu’s don’t come out until after Thanksgiving.
    Visiting from South Africa we are trying to plan and book as much as possible in advance so your website has been of great assistance.

    1. Hi Stacy.
      Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying the site.
      Unlike many destinations which close for Christmas, almost everything on the Strip will be open. Buffets will be having special Christmas selections in addition to their regular fare. Some restaurants will be doing special Christmas menus, but many will be open regular hours with their regular menu. Hotel Room service will still be available as well. You will definitely be able to find good dining options.
      Is there a particular restaurant or cuisine you were interested in?
      Take Care,

  3. Are you able to use the Deuce bus from the Venetian Hotel to get to Count’s Kustoms?

    1. Hi Stacy.
      The Deuce will get you partway there. You can take the Deuce to the Sahara stop. You will have to walk one mile to Count’s Kustoms from there.
      If you click the address link in the post, it will open a map with Count’s Kustoms.

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