The myVEGAS 3 in 30 Days limitation

Someone recently asked me about this in the comments section of a post. I am posting an edited version of my response here for easy reference.

If you play myVEGAS a lot, it is easy to rack up a lot of LP’s (Loyalty Points). That lets you buy a lot of Rewards, but MGM Resorts/Mlife limits you to using no more than 3 MGM Resorts Rewards in a 30 day period. That 30 day period is based upon when you use the Reward. It is not based upon when you use your LP’s to get the Reward or the day that you call to make a show or room reservation with the Reward. They consider you to be using the Reward on the day of the show, the day you check in to the hotel, the day you go to the buffet or restaurant, etc.

You can use your LP’s to purchase more than 3 Rewards in 30 days. You just can’t use more than 3 in a 30 day period.

Let’s say you purchased Rewards for a room at the Mirage, tickets to LOVE and a pass for the Mirage buffet. You check into the Mirage on November 1st and go to the show and buffet on November 2nd. The 30 day period for 1 Reward starts on November 1st, when you checked in. The 30 day period for the 2 other Rewards starts on the 2nd. You would not be able to use another Mlife Reward until December 1st. On December 1st you would be able to use 1 Reward. On December 2nd, the additional Rewards would be available.

You can still purchase more Rewards during that period and you can still make reservations using those Rewards. You would not be able to actually use them during that time, though.

Carnival Cruises has its own 3 in 90 limitation which does not count towards the MGM 3 in 30 (and visa versa).

The Monorail, Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues, Uniquely Vegas/Aussie/Cali, Couples Resorts, Departure Lounge, Gray Line Tours,  Smith Center and Hexx  Rewards available on myVEGAS do not count towards the 3 in 30 days limitation.

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  1. I’m taking a long shot and hoping you respond on this old thread. I know my question sounds dumb and I apologize but I am so confused.
    So, we’re going to Vegas next October. I can only USE 3 rewards in the week we are there, is that correct? I thought I could start redeeming my points in August, get Love tickets and passes to Shark Reef and Secret Garden. Then in September, buy 3 food rewards. Then in October, buy 3 more. And then use all 9 in Vegas. That’s not what they mean by “redeem 3 in 30 days”?
    Please help. I’m so confused.

    1. Hi.
      I do my best to respond to comments regardless of the original post date. 🙂
      Your question is not dumb. Many people are confused about it. You can buy as many Rewards as you have points to cover (and it sounds like you have been doing that). Buying the Reward and Redeeming the Reward are 2 different things. When you buy the Rewards does not matter (as long as they don’t expire before your trip).
      You can only use/redeem 3 MGM Rewards in a 30 day period, though. That means even though you have many Rewards in your wallet, you will still only be able to use 3 of them during your trip. For shows and rooms, even though you will have made your reservation ahead of time, it still won’t count as Redeemed until you see the show or check in to the room.
      Based on your list, You would only be able to use the Love tickets and 2 other MGM Rewards (like the passes to Shark Reef and Secret Garden). You can still use other non-MGM Rewards. If the food Rewards you mention are for Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues or Hexx restaurants, you can still use those. The 3 in 30 limitation only applies to MGM Rewards. You may want to see the details and limitations for some of the other Rewards in my myVEGAS Redemption Process post.

      1. Thank you so much for clarification! Luckily, I haven’t actually bought any of them yet; I wanted to make sure I understood first. Thanks so much!

  2. Hey Mark,

    Great information and thanks for posting. One question regarding the 3 in 30 for MGM/Mlife. How does the Station Casinos (Green Valley, Sunset, Red Rock etc.) figure into that limitation? Do you know if they are limped in on that limitation? Do they have their own separate set? I’m curious if you happen to know. Hope to hear back from you, flying in Friday night. Thanks!


    1. Hi Don.
      The MGM/Mlife 3 in 30 limitation only apply to the MGM/Mlife and Circus Circus Rewards. The Stations Casino Rewards have their own set of limitations (2 per 24 hours) which do not count towards the MGM 3 in 30. I have the limitations for each Reward partner listed on my myVEGAS Redemption Process post.


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