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myVEGAS Uniquely Vegas Rewards

myVEGAS has added a potpourri of  Rewards for Las Vegas attractions like the Mob Museum,  Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas Pole Position Raceway, Segway Tours  and Gray Line Tours. I think this a  great addition.   The Rewards are  affordably priced, too, with  most of them being under 15,000 LPs.  A few examples are the Gray Line $50 off Grand Canyon bus tour for 10,000LPs,  free audio tour upgrade for the Mob Museum for 5,000 LPs and  a free companion ticket at Madame Tussauds for 7,500LPs. Continue reading myVEGAS Uniquely Vegas Rewards

Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques

One of the lesser known free Las Vegas attractions is the Artifacts, Antiques & Artworks collection at Main Street Station. They have a collection ranging from “The Blackhawk” private rail car used by Buffalo Bill, the entry doors from the Pullman Mansion, to chandeliers from the San Francisco Opera House and the Coca-Cola Building.

Rail Cars outside Main Street Station
Rail Cars outside Main Street Station
Berlin Wall Section in Men's Bathroom at Main Street Station
Berlin Wall Section in Men’s Bathroom

One of the main attractions for me is the section of the Berlin Wall. It is also the only artifact that is not readily available for the public. Continue reading Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques

Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?

I get this question from time to time.
“My partner/spouse is going to Las Vegas (typically for a conference, but sometimes just for fun). I’m going too, but I don’t gamble. What is there for me to do?”
I’m assuming that you will spend evenings together and already have ideas for that, so I’ll focus on daytime activities. Here are my suggestions. Continue reading Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?

Golden Nugget Shark Tank Tours

The Golden Nugget, in downtown Las Vegas, is offering tours of The Shark Tank (its 200,000 gallon shark filled aquarium in the middle of the pool complex). You can go behind the scenes and above the Tank with their resident marine biologist and learn a bit about the sharks and the aquarium.  Your guide will cover a lot about the sharks, the feeding process, the divers’ safety gear and the other fish in the aquarium. You will also have a chance to ask questions.  Every tour participant gets a souvenir shark tooth, too.

Tickets are $30. Tours are at 3:30pm Thursday – Saturday.
To make your Shark Tank Tour reservation or for more info, visit the Golden Nugget’s Shark Tank Tour page.

Neon Museum Night Tours

The Neon Museum has started offering evening tours. The evening tours are every half hour from 7pm – 9pm.  Tickets are $25 for adults or $22 for seniors, students, NV residents or military personnel. That is $7 more than the regular daytime tour rate, but the addition of the dramatic architectural lighting is worth it. Note that the signs themselves do not light up.

Visit the Neon Museum website for more info and tickets.