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Atomic Testing Museum

While there are many reasons to visit Las Vegas these days, there was an era when Atomic Tourism was a big draw. There would be watch parties from Fremont Street (this was long before the FSE canopy went up) to view the tests and mushroom clouds. There was even a Miss Atomic Bomb.

The Museum:

The Atomic Testing Museum lets you experience the nostalgia as well as the reality of that era.  They have displays following a detailed timeline of nuclear testing progress and treaties as well as toys and atomic themed marketing.  While much of the museum and many of the exhibits focus on the Nevada Test Site and the Las Vegas area, there is also coverage of underwater testing in the Pacific. They even have a special section at the end of the tour, detailing the impact of testing on the tribes and tribal lands.

You can experience a simulated atomic bomb test is their Ground Zero Theater. It is a full sensory experience where you can feel the earth shake just like it would have if you were in a bunker during a test.

Getting there:

The Atomic Testing Museum is located a mile and a half from the Strip at 755 E. Flamingo Rd. If you are using Lyft or Uber, I highly recommend typing in the actual address. Lyft had an incomplete address for the museum and ended up taking us miles past it before we realized the problem.

The Atomic Testing Museum is associated with The Smithsonian Institution, but there is an admission fee. General Admission is $22 for adults. Student, senior, military and Nevada resident discounts are available. Children 6 and under  are free. You may be able to get a discount if you buy your tickets at the ticket counter and let them know you took public transportation (bus, cab, Lyft). 

Atomic Testing Museum website:

Monday – Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Neon Museum adds self-guided tours and a light show

The Neon Museum’s popularity is rising and they are expanding their hours and offerings to accommodate the increased demand. The biggest change is the addition of self-guided, general admission tours.   The general admission tours allow you to see the collection at your own pace, without a guide.  The museum does post guides/docents in the yard in case you have questions during your self-guided tour. The self guided tours are available 9am-4pm for $19.  Tickets have a timed entry, but you can enter any time after your ticket time and stay as late as 5pm.

They have also added a new sound, lights and projections show called Brilliant.

Continue reading Neon Museum adds self-guided tours and a light show

myVEGAS Uniquely Vegas Rewards

myVEGAS has added a potpourri of  Rewards for Las Vegas attractions like the Mob Museum,  Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas Pole Position Raceway, Segway Tours  and Gray Line Tours. I think this a  great addition.   The Rewards are  affordably priced, too, with  most of them being under 15,000 LPs.  A few examples are the Gray Line $50 off Grand Canyon bus tour for 10,000LPs,  free audio tour upgrade for the Mob Museum for 5,000 LPs and  a free companion ticket at Madame Tussauds for 7,500LPs. Continue reading myVEGAS Uniquely Vegas Rewards

Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques

One of the lesser known free Las Vegas attractions is the Artifacts, Antiques & Artworks collection at Main Street Station. They have a collection ranging from “The Blackhawk” private rail car used by Buffalo Bill, the entry doors from the Pullman Mansion, to chandeliers from the San Francisco Opera House and the Coca-Cola Building.

Rail Cars outside Main Street Station
Rail Cars outside Main Street Station

Berlin Wall Section in Men's Bathroom at Main Street Station
Berlin Wall Section in Men’s Bathroom

One of the main attractions for me is the section of the Berlin Wall. It is also the only artifact that is not readily available for the public. Continue reading Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques

Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?

(Updated May 2018)

I get this question from time to time.
“My partner/spouse is going to Las Vegas (typically for a conference, but sometimes just for fun). I’m going too, but I don’t gamble. What is there for me to do?”
I’m assuming that you will spend evenings together and already have ideas for that, so I’ll focus on daytime activities. Here are my suggestions. Continue reading Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?