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Total Rewards Resort Fee Info For Higher Tiers

When Total Rewards announced that they were adding a resort fee, one of the big questions was whether Platinum, Diamond and Seven Star players would have to pay it. The  answer is no. The higher tier players do not have to pay the fee. The assumption a lot of people seem to have made, though, is that the higher tier players will still get the amenities covered by the resort fee. That is not the case. If you want Internet access, you will still have to pay the a la carte price for it. Fitness center access is still a free perk for Diamond and Seven Stars players. Platinum players still get 50% off fitness center access.

Effectively, nothing has changed for Diamond and Seven Stars players. Platinum players who want to use the fitness center and have Internet access might actually pay less if they pay the resort fee.  If you are in that situation, I have been told that the hotel will charge you the resort fee instead of the higher a la carte price. This information was verified at the Rio this morning. It is always worth verifying the details when you make your reservation and when you check in, though.

Hard Rock Resort Fee

The Hard Rock Hotel has a $22 per night Resort Fee. Once tax is applied it is $24.64 per night.  I think most us of are getting accustomed to resort fees, but what they cover varies from hotel to hotel. To help you out, the Hard Rock Hotel gives you a card when you check in that lists what their resort fee covers as well as details about the fitness center and shuttle locations.

The Hard Rock Hotel resort fee includes:

  • In room internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Fitness Center access
  • Shuttle Service to and from the Strip (Fashion Show Mall)
  • Unlimited local, toll free and domestic long distance phone calls
  • Notary Service at the Concierge
  • Boarding Pass printing Continue reading Hard Rock Resort Fee

South Point adds Resort Fee

The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa has joined the long list of Las Vegas hotels charging a resort fee. The new fee takes effect today, March 1st.  It is $12.50 per night plus the 12% hotel tax which brings it up to an even $14.00.  The resort fee covers Internet access, a shuttle to and from the airport, fitness center access, boarding pass printing, local phone calls and a funbook with various non-gaming coupons.

Caesars Entertainment adds Resort Fees

Caesars Entertainment has announced that it will start charging a resort fee with new reservations starting on March 1st, 2013.  This will apply to Bally’s, Caesars Palace, the Flamingo, Harrah’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood, The Quad and the Rio in Las Vegas. The new resort fees do not apply to existing reservations or new reservations made before March 1st.

Although Caesars had based a marketing campaign entirely around their previous “no resort fees” position, they are now adding them “in response to the increasing demand from our guests to provide a package price instead of the inconvenience of separate fees.” The resort fee amount will vary from hotel to hotel (much like those of the various MGM Resorts) and will range from $10-$25 per night.  They will cover Wi-Fi, local phone calls and fitness center access. Additional property-specific amenities might be added before the resorts fees take effect. I think it is worth noting that free fitness center access had previously been a perk for Total Rewards Diamond players.

The Luxor’s $800 Coupon Book

One of the benefits that the Luxor lists as part of their Resort Fee is a coupon book with over $800 worth of savings. They don’t give any info about those coupons in the listing, though. The specific coupons change every few months, but they tend to be very similar.  Here is the list of coupons from the book I received at the beginning of January, 2103. They are good through the end of February, 2013.