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MGM Resorts lets you earn rewards with new ‘myVEGAS’ Facebook game

MGM Resorts has improved upon Caesars’ Facebook game concept and now has their own Facebook game ‘myVEGAS‘.  Caesars has had the beta of their ‘Caesars Casino‘ game up for a while. The Caesars game only lets you earn Reward Credits by buying game chips.  The new ‘myVEGAS’ game, however lets you earn anything from free buffets to a Kim Vo makeover by earning ‘Loyalty Points’ which are earned by playing the game with no requirement to buy additional chips.  A quick sampling of the current rewards list includes Midway Credits for Circus Circus,  2 glasses of sangria at Julian Serrano at Aria, free rooms at all Las Vegas MGM Resorts hotels, an Mlife Moment mixology class at Monte Carlo, $50 dining credits and even the ability to choose a song for the Bellagio Fountains.  None of these require you to spend money on the game itself, but they do require you to play the game on a regular basis in order to build up your credits.

Comp and Discount Room Rewards Calendars are available here.

If you want to earn rewards faster, you can buy chips.  Buying chips also gives you bonus Loyalty Points. There is no requirement to buy chips, though.

Although myVEGAS started with only MGM as a partner, it has expanded to include Monorail, Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues, Grayline tours, Carnival Cruises,  Maverick Helicopters, Uniquely Vegas and many other partners (including a number of non-Vegas partners).

Click here for information on redeeming rewards.

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