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Hard Rock Hotel Hoodie Promo

The Hard Rock Casino is running a promotion on Mondays and Tuesdays, October 31st – November 15th, 2016 where you get a free Hard Rock Hotel  & Casino hoodie when you earn   1000 Base Slot Points ($1000 coin-in on a slot machine) or reach a  $100 Theoretical  loss on a table game in a single day (which they limit to the hours of 5:01 am – 10:59 pm).
No points are deducted from your account.
You can receive one hoodie per day. It is valued at $60.

For additional details, visit the Backstage Pass  desk or https://www.hardrockhotel.com/las-vegas-specials/hotel-deals/rock-your-november-hoodie-earn-get/993

Las Vegas Restaurant Week March 7-14

Las Vegas Restaurant Week returns March 7-14, 2014.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept, participating restaurants offer special 3 course prix fixe menus and a portion of the proceeds go to the Three Square Food Bank.  Price ranges are $20.14 for breakfast, $20.14 or $30.14 for lunch, and $30.14, $40.14 or $50.14 for dinner. It is a great way to try out a new restaurant. Continue reading Las Vegas Restaurant Week March 7-14

Hotel Check In Credit Card Holds

(updated Oct 28, 2023)
When you check in to a hotel, they usually ask you for a credit card to have on file for incidentals and as a security deposit.  When they do that, they pre-authorize the card for additional charges. The amount varies from hotel to hotel and is usually multiplied by the number of nights you are staying.

This has been standard practice for a long time, but I have heard multiple stories recently of people being caught off-guard by the pre-authorizations as well as not fully understanding what they are.  The pre-authorizations or “holds” are not charges. They simply reserve a certain dollar amount on your card so that it is available when you check out and pay your bill. It is similar to what gas stations do when you pay at the pump. The pre-authorization is not an actual charge, but it does reduce the amount of credit available on your card.  Continue reading Hotel Check In Credit Card Holds

Hard Rock Hotel’s Backstage Pass Players Club

I am a little late on the draw to this since I don’t really pay a lot of attention to what is happening at the Hard Rock Hotel.  It looks like I may be staying there in the near future, though, so I took some time to investigate the new players club.

Here is what I found.

In March, the Hard Rock Hotel revamped their Rockstar Club players club and they have renamed it the Backstage Pass (which, ironically, is what the club had been called  before it became the Rockstar Club).  If you had a Rockstar Club account or the old Back Stage Pass account, your account number is still the same.  The new club joins the trend that Total Rewards started and it allows you to earn comps for hotel stays and purchases, but unlike Mlife and Total Rewards, it does not give you Tier Points for purchases. Tier points are only earned for slot and table play.

Here are the main details: (UPDATED Nov. 1, 2013) Continue reading Hard Rock Hotel’s Backstage Pass Players Club