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Foundation Room Happy Hour

The Foundation Room  at Mandalay Bay is one of my favorite Las  Vegas spots. Good music, food, drink and a great view of the Strip. It is a nightclub after 10pm, but if you are looking for a more relaxed, accessible way to experience it, check out their Nibbles & Sips happy hour. It runs 6p-8p Sunday-Thursday.  Lounge access is free during happy hour and they have $10 small plates/appetizers and $5 drink specials as well as the full menu and full bar.  Early in the evening it is quiet enough to hold a conversation and finding a table in the lounge or a spot at  the bar is relatively easy.

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48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

On Monday, I posted about my planning process for this trip. This is how it all turned out. Warning: This is a long narrative post.

Monday morning after only a few hours of sleep I headed to the airport. I got there at 5am for a 6:25am flight on Southwest. I almost missed the flight due to surprisingly long security lines. Continue reading 48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

The Palm Power Lunch

One of my favorite Vegas specials is something that you can get at home, too, as long as you have The Palm Restaurant in your town. It is The Palm Power Lunch (formerly the Business Lunch). It is a 3-course meal   available daily from  11:30am-3:00pm.
I stumbled onto it years ago when it was under $20. Now it is $25.90,  but still a good deal as far as I’m concerned.  Continue reading The Palm Power Lunch

Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Outlets in Las Vegas

(updated Oct. 2015)

One of the perks of achieving Total Rewards Diamond status is the $100 Diamond Celebration Dinner. You can use the dining credit at participating restaurants throughout the Caesars Entertainment empire. I used mine at Besh Steak in New Orleans. When you want to use the dining credit, go to the Total Rewards desk and have them print out the $100 dining voucher. Some casinos also have promotion kiosks where you can swipe your players card to get the voucher without going to the Total Rewards desk.
When you get that voucher, keep track of it. It is not replaceable. If you lose it, you have lost your $100  dining credit.
The credit must be used all at once. That typically isn’t an issue, but it is difficult for me to imagine spending $100 at Starbucks, Pin Up Pizza or most of the participating buffets.
Here is the list of participating restaurants in Las Vegas (updated Oct. 2015): Continue reading Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Outlets in Las Vegas