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Bellagio Fountain Schedule Update – November 2016

The Bellagio Fountain song schedule has been updated.   It is a bit of a departure from the previous song order. They have also added 2 more songs each day since they are running every 15 minutes starting at 7:00pm now (instead of 8:00pm). You can see the full schedule  in my  Bellagio Fountain Show song list and schedule, which will always have the most recent schedule I have available.

Bellagio Fountain Show Schedule Verification & short story

My Bellagio Fountain Show Song List and Schedule was verified on June 2, 2015.

I had an interesting experience, though, when I went to the concierge desk to check the schedule. They handed me a schedule from March 2014. I didn’t notice the year on it until later that day. When I went back to ask about it, they maintained that it was the right schedule and that the list doesn’t change that often. I knew it was wrong, so I asked them to verify the times for a few of the songs. They called fountain operations and gave me the times of those songs. It did not match the times on the schedule they had just given me, but it did match what I have on my site.

Bellagio Fountain Show Song List and Schedule

Here is a scan of the Bellagio Fountain Show song list and schedule.  Schedule changes are rare, but can occur for certain wedding packages and special events. I will update this page with new schedules as they become available.
This list was updated on December 26, 2016. It looks like they have reverted back to the pre-holiday schedule. The date on in it is November 7th, but it is what they have at the concierge. Continue reading Bellagio Fountain Show Song List and Schedule