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48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

On Monday, I posted about my planning process for this trip. This is how it all turned out. Warning: This is a long narrative post.

Monday morning after only a few hours of sleep I headed to the airport. I got there at 5am for a 6:25am flight on Southwest. I almost missed the flight due to surprisingly long security lines. Continue reading 48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

myVEGAS Smith Center Rewards

myVEGAS continues to add partners. The latest addition is the Smith Center. The Smith Center is the local performing art center located at 361 Symphony Park Ave, downtown. The Smith Center is primarily focused on locals, but it is a quality performing art center with performances by local performing arts organizations as well as touring shows, so you may find something of interest there as a tourist, too. Continue reading myVEGAS Smith Center Rewards

Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?

(Updated May 2018)

I get this question from time to time.
“My partner/spouse is going to Las Vegas (typically for a conference, but sometimes just for fun). I’m going too, but I don’t gamble. What is there for me to do?”
I’m assuming that you will spend evenings together and already have ideas for that, so I’ll focus on daytime activities. Here are my suggestions. Continue reading Viewer E-mail: What can a non-gaming partner do in Vegas?