SLS’s new Club52 Players Club

Club52 has replaced The CODE players club   at SLS.  Aside from the name change, most players will only notice a few differences.  It has shifted away from TheCODE’s focus on nightlife, and is more of a traditional players club now. The comp earning rates are the same. It is still a 4-tiered club, but now it takes a bit more action to earn the higher tiers.

Your comps from slots, video poker and video keno are earned in Slot Points.  Earning 1 point requires:

  • $1 slot machine or video keno coin in.
  • $2  video poker coin in

You can redeem 250 Slot Points for $1 in  freeplay or comps. That ends up being a  0.4% return on your slot play and 0.2% on your video poker play.  While the video poker return rate has not changed, the return rate on slots was reduced from  0.66% when SLS opened.

They track table game play and give comps based on the game and your average bet.  They do not give you points or comps for room, dining and retail expenses, but they will track your expenses and give you future offers based on where you go and what you do.

Club52 is a tiered players club. Tier levels are Preferred, VIP, Elite and Legend.  Tier status is good for 6 months from the time you achieve that tier. If you  don’t renew your status within 6 months, you will drop to the tier below your previous status.

You earn Tier Credits from slot, video keno and video poker play. Tier Credits only count towards your tier status.  The Club52 Tier Credit earning rate has changed a bit from TheCODE. The new system requires more action in order to achieve the higher tiers.

The Tier Credit earning rates are:

  • 2  Tier Credits per $1 slot machine coin in.
  • 1 Tier Credit per $1 video keno coin in
  • 1 Tier Credit per $2 video poker coin in

Tier benefits are:

Preferred (0-3000 Tier Credits):

  • Base perks (like birthday offers, Enterprise Car Rental discounts and concert presale access)
  • 10% discount at Diplomat Exotic Car Rental

VIP   (3001-30,000 Tier Credits):
(requires $6002  video poker coin in or $1501 slot coin in)
(see my archived The CODE 2015 post if you really want to see how much more action that takes now than it used to. It’s kind of sick)

  • all Preferred Level perks
  • 20% “Friends and Family’ discounts

Elite   (30,001-150,000 Tier Credits):
(requires $60,002  video poker coin in or $15,001 slot coin in)

  • all  VIP Level perks
  • 15% discount at Diplomat Exotic Car Rental
  • 30% “Friends and Family’ discounts
  • 15% AWAY Spa discount
  • Free room upgrades
  • Priority cashier line
  • Priority valet service (Next  car up)
  • Special Event invites and Exclusive Parties

Legend   (150,001+ Tier Credits):
(requires $300,002  video poker coin in or $75,001 slot coin in)

  • all Elite level perks
  • 20% discount at Diplomat Exotic Car Rental
  • 40% “Friends and Family’ discounts
  • 30% AWAY Spa discount
  • Priority check in
  • Complimentary late checkout
  • Priority restaurant reservations
  • Casino host service
  • Free transportation to/from the airport
  • Yearly Play Rebate

For additional information or to sign up online, visit The Club52  webpage.

2 thoughts on “SLS’s new Club52 Players Club”

  1. I used to go to the Riviera several times a year, as well as Circus Circus across the street. I had a host at the Riviera named Dave Pate. I was always well taken care of at both places. Do you know if there is any way to get established at a new casino based on my Riviera play? Or did they destroy all files when they tore it down.

    1. Hi.
      Did your host go to another casino? That is the first thing I’d try to track down. Hosts tend to keep their own client list (especially when their casino closes and they go to a new casino).
      Circus-Circus still exists, of course, so you can easily pursue that.
      It has been a while, but I have had some success simply talking to a host at a casino where I have had no history. They have typically been open to small things in order to feel out your actual action. It helps to have a higher tier card from somewhere, too.

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