Scratch Off Blackjack training book

I was at a bookstore recently and came across Test Your Blackjack IQ.  It is a blackjack training book that gives you some basic information as well as a strategy charts for single deck and shoe games and then lets you test your knowledge with hundreds of scratch and play scenarios.  It is a neat idea and a good option for someone who does not want to buy a blackjack training program for their computer or other electronic device or for someone who simply prefers to have a book.  It is also light enough to fit comfortably in a purse or shoulder bag.  This makes it a great option when traveling.

To play or test your skill, just use a coin to scratch off what you believe is the correct decision for each scenario.  If you made the correct decision a ‘+’ will appear.  If you make an incorrect choice a “x” will appear.  Each scenario shows you the dealer’s up card.  Most scenarios show you the 2 cards you were dealt, but some join the hand in progress so you see 3 cards for your hand.  You are given all of the options that would usually be available for the situation.  If splitting cards is a legitimate option, you are given that option. If you would only be able to hit or stand, you are only given those options.  Check out the photo of a typical page from the book.

A page from the Test Your Blackjack IQ book

Test Your Blackjack IQ is available from Amazon as well as most book retailers.