Redeeming Mlife myVEGAS Rewards

I have seen a few hits to my site by people searching for lists of Mlife’s myVEGAS Facebook game Rewards and how to claim the rewards.

Finding a list of available rewards is easy. When you are playing the myVEGAS game (as well as myVEGAS Blackjack and myKONAMI), click on the “Rewards” tab and it will show you the “Featured” rewards. You can also sort them by “Partners” (Mirage, Luxor, House of Blues, Monorail, etc), “Category” (shows, rooms, dining, etc) or “Price” (the number of Loyalty Points required).

When you have enough points and are ready to claim a reward, select it from the list of rewards. That will show you the details of the award including when it will expire (typically 90 days from purchase) and basic redemption instructions (which universally say that instructions will be provided after you claim the reward). To claim the reward, hit ‘Next’ at the bottom of the details screen. That will prompt you to enter your name and email address. It will also show you the detailed terms and conditions of the award. You will need to check the box that says you read and agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that you are redeeming points for the award.

If the award is for a room or a show, you will get a Reward Redemption Code and a phone number to call to make your reservation.  For anything else, you will get a Reward Redemption Code and instructions to go to the Mlife desk at the proper casino resort.  There, the Mlife representative will give you a voucher or add the Reward to your Mlife card for you to present to the vendor in order to redeem your reward.

Rewards do expire, but if you cannot use them in the allotted time, you can cancel them before they expire and have the Loyalty Points credited back to your account.

You can see my updated  myVEGAS Reward Redemption Processes for more info on how to redeem Rewards from all of the myVEGAS partners.

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  1. I have been trying to contact someone in the support team for over a week now on Pop Slots .. I was playing the gold bar game and won 266 million and did not receive my winning they responded with try to close the app reopen it ..i responded back it didn’t work.. They responded with force stop on the game reopen it… Still nothing i asked them on 4 e-mails about not being able to play due to the game taking all my chips .. There response was we are not refunding chips at this time good luck..As you can see i am now very frustrated it has been over a week that i have now lost out on a max bet earning gold coins, players points and chips I have played vegas games for over 2 years earning gold coins for Vegas It’s not like i asked for a billion in chips .. Just what was rightfully mine.. Now i have emailed them with no response in 4 days so i would now like to be awarded my 266 million ×10 and my gold coins and players points for the last 10 days all i have been able to play with is my bonus .. I have also have made purches with my real money to play this game more then once i would like to be treated with respect as a valuable player who supports MyVegas Slots .. Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Donna.
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry they aren’t helping. I don’t have a direct line to myVEGAS/PlayStudios (not that it would help). They might be more responsive via Facebook or Twitter (I can’t promise that, though, either).

    2. Quick update. I do have the phone number to their ‘Loyalty Point Redemption Line’. At least you could talk to a real person there. It is 855-881-6074.

  2. I have been playing and have points adding up. Just wondering if they expire?

    1. As long as you log in and play at least once every 30 days, you should be OK.

      This is what the myVEGAS terms of service has to say:
      Inactive Accounts
      If You do not use your myVEGAS account by logging on and playing at least every 30 days, Your account will be deemed inactive. You can, at any time, reactivate Your account by logging in and playing a game. When an account has been deemed inactive, PLAYSTUDIOS may, at its own discretion, expire any loyalty points accumulated by You. Once Your account is deemed inactive, any myVEGAS Rewards which have been purchased but not yet redeemed may also be expired at the discretion of PLAYSTUDIOS.

      – See more at:

  3. if you want to gift a reward, can I put my friend’s name when I redeem the reward so he can claim it. It’s 2 tickets to sharks reef.

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