Planet Hollywood: What I Like About You

If you read my previous post about the Planet Hollywood hotel, you probably got the impression that I don’t like Planet Hollywood. That isn’t the case. I really like a lot of what they are doing. I just don’t like the rooms and the hotel aspect. I really enjoy playing in their casino. They have the usual assortment of table games with a wide range of limits, friendly dealers and what I consider to be reasonable video poker paytables. Although I miss the old poker room (where Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR is now), I find their poker dealers to be friendly and efficient.  I really like the mix of modern rock and hip-hop music from the 80’s through today played throughout the casino and bar area. I’ve found the bartenders at the Extra Lounge and the Heart Bar to be very attentive and more than willing to create something special. Tipping well helps, or course.

I’m a big fan of Planet Hollywood’s dining options. Koi has been a personal favorite since it opened. Koi’s Foie Gras on Seared Tuna with Truffles is an experience not to be missed. The Spice Market Buffet is consistently rated as one of the top buffets. The new Gordon Ramsay BurGR has shot to the top of my favorites list due not only to the quality burgers, but the excellent service we received (ask for Alex) and the Brit-pop/Brit-rock music mix. BurGR is owned by Caesars and is participating in the Total Rewards Dining Discount program.  You can pay with Total Rewards points on a 1-to-1 ratio (1 point = 1 cent in comps) at BurGR. If you prefer the security and familiarity of a chain restaurant, Planet Hollywood has a large P.F Chang’s just off the casino floor.

The Miracle Mile Shops which is connected to Planet Hollywood has a few important staples.  They have 2 ABC Stores with reasonably priced alcohol, snacks, sodas, souvenirs and sundries.  You can get your yard long Margarita at La Salsa Cantina. They also have the V Theater with its wide assortment of entertainment.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that will keep me coming back to Planet Hollywood regardless of where I am staying.