Gold & Silver Pawn (the Pawn Stars store) via The Deuce bus.

If you have not been to Las Vegas in a while, you might think that this would be really easy since the Deuce used to pass right by the shop.  That changed in November of 2010, so now, what would have been a very simple trip to Gold & Silver Pawn or one of the various wedding chapels in the area (like the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel) requires a little more walking.

Take the Deuce North (towards downtown/ Fremont Street) and take it to the Bonneville Transit Center. Walk East on Garces Ave for 3 blocks. Cross Las Vegas Blvd and immediately turn right. Gold & Silver Pawn should be visible in the middle of the block (East side of Las Vegas Blvd).

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If you are trying to get to Gold & Silver Pawn from Downtown/Fremont Street, take the Southbound Deuce to Clark Ave.  Gold & Silver Pawn will be 2 blocks ahead on your left. If you miss the Clark Ave. stop, you can get off the bus at the Bonneville Transit Center and use the same walking directions mentioned above.

You can also take the SDX (Strip & Downtown Express bus). The SDX has fewer stops (hence the Express), so if you take it, you need to use the Bonneville Transit Center stop and follow the same walking directions given for the Deuce.  For $8, you can buy 24 hour pass that allow you to take the Deuce and SDX.  You can also buy your ticket when you board the Deuce bus or via machines at the main bus stops. For more information about the buses, visit

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