Pawn Stars Tour

Just a few days after my post about how to get to Gold & Silver Pawn via the bus, OnBoard Sightseeing Tours announced the Pawn Stars Tour.
It is a 4 hour tour with stops at Gold & Silver Pawn, The Toy Shack, Rick’s Restorations and Count’s Kustoms.  It is very expensive ($69.99 for adults, $59.99 for kids).
Hopefully the price will come down to something a bit more reasonable soon.

2 thoughts on “Pawn Stars Tour”

  1. I’m coming to Vegas soon and one of my must do’s Is to visit the Pawn Shop but I walk in the heat before paying $69.00 each to stand in line at A PAWN STORE.
    Really going for my husband as he doesn’t gamble. But he’s pretty good about intertaing himself anywhere he goes, so I’m sure he will make a good time of it.

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