Pawn Stars Autograph Sessions

The guys at Gold & Silver Pawn are taking the next step with all of the fame and publicity from the History Channel’s Pawn Stars show. They already dedicate a large amount of floorspace for Pawn Stars branded merchandise. Now they will be doing autograph sessions. This is still in the formative stages, so there aren’t many specifics other than the sessions will take place once per day, when the filming schedule allows. Currently, the plan is for sessions to take place Monday though Friday on:
January 7 – February 22
March 11 – April 5
April 22 – May 24
June 3 – June 28
September 3 – October 11
November 1 – November 22
December 2 – December 20

Click here for my post on getting to Gold & Silver Pawn via the Deuce Bus. It includes a map, too, in case you need driving or walking directions.