October 2013 Mlife changes

October 1st is when Mlife resets players’ tier credits. It also appears to be the time when MGM likes to make some tweaks to the Mlife program.  The 2 main changes for 2013 are the shopping discount which I mentioned yesterday and the removal of early check-in / late check-out as a perk of Gold level and above.  I’ve already seen a number of complaints about dropping the early check-in and late check-out guarantees. While this looks like a downgrade on the surface, I see this as a good thing for actual players.  Your host should still be able to arrange early check-in or late check-out for you based on your play and it is more likely for the option to be available since only those who play enough to earn the perk will be able to use it.
I like that visitors can get upgraded status through their expenditures, but this little change actually helps get Mlife back to a true players club in my mind as opposed to the current trend where players clubs are more akin to hotel loyalty programs than gambling oriented players clubs.