Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay: Too Refined?

The Noodle Shop is located directly off of Mandalay Bay’s casino floor, between Raffles Café and the hotel’s main elevators.  It is open 11am-11pm during the week and 11am-1am on the weekends.  They do not take reservations, but the line moves fairly quickly.

When we got in line for dinner, we were the only non-Asian group.  I took this as a good sign. There is no place to sit while you are waiting, so be prepared to stand for a while. Our party of 4 was seated about 20 minutes after arriving.  We kept it fairly simple. Hot tea all around, steamed shrimp dumpling appetizer, 2 people ordered Shanghai Noodles and 2 people ordered Mongolian Beef.  All of the food was good, but a little bland or under-seasoned.  I really wanted a bit more of an edge or street version of my Shanghai Noodles.  They were too refined.  The Mongolian Beef had a fairly thin sauce, which my companions enjoyed, but they also thought it wasn’t as flavorful as they had hoped.

The service was attentive when we arrived, but (expect for the water refills) we were left alone once the food arrived. It was nice not to be bothered during the meal, but after we were done, we had to wait a while before flagging down our server so we could ask for the check.  I would think they would want to get us out faster since the line was at least 12 people deep the entire time we were there.

It was a nice place to eat and even though the casino is right there, you never felt like you were at the edge of the casino.  The combination of the quiet environment and being left alone once dinner was served, helped create a very private dining feel.  It is worth trying for yourself, but I probably won’t be back since I was hoping for a more flavorful experience.