New York – New York adds Win Cards

NYNY_WinCards_packNew York – New York is now offering Win Cards and $30 in promotional chips for $20.  If you are not familiar with the concept, Win Cards are credit card sized cards that show the basic strategy and payouts of the games.  The cards NY-NY is including are for blackjack, craps and roulette. The Win Card pack also includes a “dealer buck” which you can play as a side bet for the dealer. If your bet wins, the dealer gets $1. You can find out more about Win Cards at


Since you are getting $30 in promotional chips for $20, the promotion can only be used once per year.

Visit the Mlife desk or the NY-NY Win Card promotion website for additional details.

2 thoughts on “New York – New York adds Win Cards”

  1. I love win cards! So far I found them at Circus Circus and 4 Queens. Have you seen them anywhere else?

    1. They have them at Mandalay Bay.
      According to the they are available at the Tropicana, too.

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